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Wristbands and Park Maps

Whilst wrist bands have been rumoured for several years, it was suggested that a wrist band scheme could be in the pipeline toward the end of last season. The park has long since operated using a token system; on a pay per ride basis. The park plan to completely stop selling ride tokens after the wrist band scheme has been fully implemented. Nonetheless, old tokens will still be usable throughout the rest of the season. The new system will operate using a 'live ticket' which will allow for users to 'top up' credit for pay per ride use. The park are looking to roll out the wristbands from Easter.

Pricing for wristbands is to be £6-£16 for children (up to the age of 12) and £12-£22 for adults (aged 12 and over). Guests will be able to purchase wristbands online, with the ability to collect at a reservation desk on park. Discounts will apply when wristbands are ordered online, and further reductions will be made throughout the main season.

The park was left without a map last year during the transition phase between owners. However, this is set to be rectified in the near future. There might also be a chance of large static maps being placed in various locations around the park.

New Attractions

A new House of Horrors walk through attraction is now located beside the Go Karts and Pit Stop cafe. A crazy golf course is also planned to be situated in this area, making use of the space around the supports of Jubilee Odyssey. The golf course is predicted to open in May. Neither of these attractions are included in the wristband promotion.

Market Expansion and Bingo Closure

The market is set to expand outwards onto the main car park this season, explaining the drainage work being carried out on the land since the beginning of 2008. An additional 96 new stalls will be added, as well as four buildings to be used as toilet facilities. A portion of the existing caravan site will will become car parking spaces. The supports for Millennium Roller Coaster has received undercoats of protective paint over the course of 2008 and has since been retouched, restoring the original bright red appearance.

The bingo hall has been cleared over the winter months. This space is set to be replaced with retail outlets.

Last updated: April 8th 2009