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Plans for 2012
Posted By Chris on Thursday 29th March 2012 @ 10:44 PM | Filed Under: Future Development

Plans for 2012

Fantasy Island are developing a new children's soft play area, expanding the market and planning more events.

The children's play area will be a self-contained area inside the pyramid complex on the second level. When completed, the play area will feature ball pools, rope bridges and ladders set to an adventure theme. The renovation project will also include a new dining area and separate area for party packages that the park hope to launch. Park directors are keen to get the children's play area open for June. New costume characters, the Butt Ugly Martians, are also expected to make appearances at the park this year.

Fantasy Island are also planning to create a new area aimed at teenagers. This new area is intended to feature simulators, a shop and a new concept of gaming within the pyramid complex.

As well as launching the children's soft play area in June, Fantasy Island are holding events to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee; with a live radio broadcast and a street party. Duncan Goodhew, Olympic gold medal winner, will also be making a special appearance when the Olympic Torch passes through Skegness.

Despite being refused planning permission numerous times over the last few years, the park are still pushing for the market to be expanded further to the rear of the site. As well as more stalls, it is anticipated that there will be a broader range of products available.

The park management are keen to demonstrate how the park will develop over the next few years as well as their their commitment to Ingoldmells and Skegness as a resort. Laurence Davis, Fantasy Island’s chief executive, is keen to point out that "We [Fantasy Island] are not sitting on our laurels we are making things happen and plan to invest further capital in the site over the next five years". Nonetheless, the other projects forecasted to open this season have both been postponed. The Asylum and Splash Zone have been put on hold until at least 2013.

Source article - Fantasy Island in New Investment

Planning Permisson for Market Extension - Refused
Posted By Martyn on Sunday 22nd January 2012 @ 3:03 PM | Filed Under: Future Development

Planning Permisson for Market Extension - Refused

So, for the second time in a few years, Fantasy Island have been refused permisson to extend the outdoor market. The main reason given by the District Council is "the scale of the proposal
would be a significant addition to the existing out-of-centre market such that, along with all the other retail outlets along Sea Lane, it could begin to rival Skegness Town Centre as a retail destination".

Which strikes me as being an odd decision, given that the District Council recently approved plans for an extension to the Skegness Tesco superstore?

Maybe it has something to do with work taking place on the extension before permisson was granted, last time around? Or continuing to operate the Market Tavern without permission? Who knows? But all we do know is that it ain't happening, again.

New Haunted Attraction for 2012?
Posted By Martyn on Friday 20th January 2012 @ 8:45 PM | Filed Under: Future Development

New Haunted Attraction for 2012?

Looks like the marketing team wanted to get the point across about a new development for 2012 nice and early, as posters advertising "The Asylum" popped up all over the park, just in time for the end of Seaon party that was held on October 29th.

No official news on what the attraction will be yet, but it is expected to be a re-vamp of the Toucan Tours/Secrets of Fantasy Island dark ride, located inside the Pyramid.

Updated: Plans Confirmed for Changing Facilities
Posted By Chris on Tuesday 6th September 2011 @ 8:35 PM | Filed Under: Future Development

Updated: Plans Confirmed for Changing Facilities

Update (21st September 2011): The plans for the changing facilities have recently been approved by East Lindsey District Council. However no further details have been announced about the planned Splash Zone attraction.

Plans have been submitted to East Lindsay District Council for changing facilities for a new ‘Splash Zone’ attraction. The plans show changing rooms which would be situated in a disused indoor market stall situated between the pyramid and the retail units nearest to Odyssey. Further details about the proposed Splash Zone attraction itself remain ambiguous.

Fantasy Island have been researching potential new attractions for 2012 and have been considering guests’ feedback. The online poll currently shows that almost half would like to see a new ride, whilst 35% would prefer a swimming pool and 17% voted for a haunted house.

Planning application

Bingo to Become Retail Outlets
Posted By Chris on Monday 9th February 2009 @ 3:04 PM | Filed Under: Future Development

Bingo to Become Retail Outlets

As we previously reported, the bingo hall has been cleared, and it has since been confirmed by the park that the space will be used for retail outlets during 2009. It's unknown at this stage as to whether it will be used differently from 2010. No further work has taken place on the site for the golf course, nonetheless the park have confirmed that it will be situated beside the Pit Stop Cafe, beside the Go Karts. If it gets the go-ahead, the course will be new, and not recycled from the one which used to be located behind Volcanic Impact. A limited selection of rides will reopen on a weekends only basis from March 7th, more info on opening dates for this season can be found here.

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