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Casino for Lincolnshire - Déjà Vu?
Posted By Chris on Wednesday 27th February 2008 @ 9:24 PM | Filed Under: Future Development

Casino for Lincolnshire - Déjà Vu?

A little over a year ago we brought you news that Lincolnshire won a bid for a casino in one of three areas within the region. Only months later, these plans were shelved, amidst fears of national gambling problems that might arise from the proposed super casinos. Now though, it looks like a casino project could be back on the cards as East Lindsey District Council have been given permission for a small casino license by the governments casino advisory panel.

Now there are four developers keen to take advantage of the license; Southview Leisure, Butlins, Fantasy Island and Coastal Land. The latter are those with the big idea to develop a pier complex on Ingoldmells sea front. Still if these plans go ahead it could be a big pay off for the area; a boost for both local employment and tourism.

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Casino Plans Shelved
Posted By Barry on Monday 21st May 2007 @ 6:13 PM | Filed Under: Future Development

Casino Plans Shelved

This is old news for some, but I thought I'd still report it just in case anyone hasn't come across it yet.

The plans for a new multi million pound casino on the Lincolnshire Coast have been put on hold. The government have apparently "shelved" these plans until further notice. The reasons behind this move are unknown, the same applies to the whether they will resume this project in the future. It is still a possibility that the park may go ahead with the hotel and water park facilities.

It's also interesting to note that the official site for this project has been taken offline. Which doesn't give the best of signs.

The new arena is still set to go ahead, which will capacitate up to 8,000 people. Planning applications are set to be sent off next month with construction set to start in the Autumn.

Locations Selected for New Rides!
Posted By Barry on Saturday 17th March 2007 @ 3:02 PM | Filed Under: Future Development

Locations Selected for New Rides!

Fantasy Island have recently exclusively revealed that several locations around the park have been chosen to receive new rides for 2008 and onwards. It is as yet unclear what ride types will arrive at the park, however judging by previous attractions we are sure they won't disappoint! It's been rumoured that one of these new attractions is from Mondial whom manufactured Beast and Amazing Confusion.

New Themeing on its Way
Posted By Barry on Saturday 17th March 2007 @ 3:00 PM | Filed Under: Future Development

New Themeing on its Way

The whole of the park is to receive a complete re-theme as confirmed by Fantasy Island. The new owners - Conduit Leisure want the entire park brought up to a consistent theme, which is to involve giving a complete makeover to rides such as Odyssey which has yet has no themeing.

The artists are currently drafting up plans for this development. However, it is expected that several redesigns will take place before we see any construction.

Future Plans
Posted By Barry on Thursday 8th March 2007 @ 3:08 PM | Filed Under: Future Development

Future Plans

Ambitious plans have today been revealed for Fantasy Island, however unfortunately for us enthusiasts these do not involve new ride attractions. The new owners - Conduit Leisure took the first steps in their “regeneration scheme” by refurbishing the market over the winter, developments like this will now continue into 2008 and the foreseeable future as revealed in today’s press release.

One development set to take place is a regeneration of the Fantasy Island Pyramid. This includes new entertainment and catering facilities. The rides are also set to be given some much needed maintenance and improvements. Conduit Leisure have also confirmed that they do not plan on removing any of the present ride attractions.

The biggest and most notable upcoming development is the hotel and casino complex, this is still planned for the park even though the management has moved from Blue Anchor Leisure to Conduit Leisure since these plans were first mentioned. If this goes ahead the complex will be placed on the present car park at the corner of Sea Lane and Roman Bank. On a related note high class holiday apartments are also to be constructed to compliment the new hotel.

More retail opportunities are to arise in 2008, with the caravan sales ground being replaced with new retail developments. An expansion to the current market is also set to take place, however chairman of Conduit Leisure Mr Davis expressed this would be “careful expansion”.

The planning applications for these future developments are expected to be sent off around June with the first signs of construction to take place in the Autumn. These developments are set to offer around three to four thousand job opportunities.

The biggest fireworks display the Lincolnshire coast has ever seen is set to take place at Easter on April 7th to mark the beginning of a new era for Ingoldmells.

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