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Something Big is Coming
Posted By Barry on Saturday 30th September 2006 @ 1:33 PM | Filed Under: Future Development

Something Big is Coming

We have recently received exclusive information from our contacts at Fantasy Island that planning is underway for a new major attraction. The park is keeping quiet on the details, and as yet we are unsure when this will be publicly announced. From what we’ve heard from the park it seems this development could indeed be a new roller coaster or something equally exciting.

For all you who long to see the day when wristbands are on offer at Fantasy Island let me tell you that this is in fact something that the park are considering. This may however, not take place in the upcoming season, however, rest assured it is on the to do list.

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Nothing New For Fantasy Island In 2006
Posted By Barry on Monday 17th April 2006 @ 4:30 PM | Filed Under: Future Development

Nothing New For Fantasy Island In 2006

We've got official word from the park, nothing new for 2006! This is the second season running in which the park have failed to provide any new attractions for park guests. The reason for this is unknown, however the most likely explanation seems that the park have simply run out of space.

The future does look bright however, as the park has cleared a huge sector of land next to the Beast; moving all kiddie rides to the front of Volcanic Impact in which the fashion show was based. The fashion show has now been relocated to the opposite side of Sea Lane.

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