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New Age Restrictions
Posted By Chris on Wednesday 21st March 2012 @ 7:25 PM | Filed Under: General Park News

New Age Restrictions

Fantasy Island have introduced new restrictions for riding some of their more intense thrill rides. Under the new rules, guests have to be at least 12 years old to ride Beast, Amazing Confusion and Volcanic Impact. However, the age restriction is not a factor at other parks which operate identical rides and only enforce the height requirements. Due to this change, Fantasy Island have adjusted the age brackets for wristband pricing for adults and children. Under the new structure, anyone over the age of 12 will now be considered an adult.

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2012 Opening Times and Prices
Posted By Chris on Monday 30th January 2012 @ 7:36 PM | Filed Under: General Park News

2012 Opening Times and Prices

Fantasy Island have announced their opening times and pricing information for the 2012 season. The rides will reopen from March 17th for weekends only. From March 31st, the park will open every day until September. The park will open on selected dates only until the end of October. Closing times will vary and depend upon the time of year and how busy the park is.

The price for pay as you go live cards will remain the same as last season, with thrill rides costing £3.50, family rides £2.50 and children’s rides costing £1.50. Pricing for wristbands will depend upon the time of year. These prices are outlined below:

High season:
Age 3 to 9: £10
Age 10+: £20

Mid Season:
Age 3 to 9: £7.50
Age 10+: £15

Low Season:
Age 3 to 9: £5
Age 10+: £10

7 day wristbands will still be available and are priced at £35 for children aged between 3 and 9 and £70 for guests aged 10 and above. Tesco Clubcard vouchers can still be used to redeem full/partial value of single day wristbands, but cannot be used for weekly wristbands or pay as you go live tickets.

August Developments
Posted By Chris on Thursday 18th August 2011 @ 10:31 PM | Filed Under: General Park News

August Developments

Summer may be almost over, but developments are still taking place across the park. The camera for Odyssey’s on ride photographs has been moved to the bottom of the sidewinder, meaning that souvenir photos can once again be purchased from the kiosk which was once the control booth for Absolutely Insane. Rhombus’ Rocket now also features on ride photography, as well as the log flume. In other news, the golf course, which opened in 2009, has recently been removed. The area, which lies besides the Grand Prix Go Karts in the market, has now been developed into a seating area. The park have also launched a new design for the official website; just six months after redesigning the site at the beginning of the season.

Most Rides to Open for Easter
Posted By Chris on Thursday 7th April 2011 @ 7:21 PM | Filed Under: General Park News

Most Rides to Open for Easter

Just in time for the Easter Holidays, Fantasy Island have announced that more rides will be available. The following rides will be available; Odyssey, Millennium Rollercoaster, Beast, Volcanic Impact, Fantasy Mouse, Techno Jump, Magical Seaquarium, Coconut Twist, Dragon Mountain, Wreckers Cove, Balloon Ride, Toucan Tours, Mini Dodgems, Jungle Truck Ride, Formula 2000, Jellikins, Pony Express, Jets and the Carousel. The park also took the opportunity to announce that the wristbands will still be half price until April 14th. Therefore wristbands will be priced at £10 for anyone aged over 10, £5 for children aged between 3 and 9, and children under the age of 3 can ride for free. After this date, normal prices are anticipated to be introduced.

It is still unclear when Amazing Confusion, Rhombus’ Rocket, the log flume, Elephant Ride and Monkey Jump will reopen.

The park is opening from 11am to 10pm between 9th and 25th April for the Easter holidays. More information about the opening times is shown here.

Rocky Start to the Season
Posted By Chris on Monday 4th April 2011 @ 9:16 PM | Filed Under: General Park News

Rocky Start to the Season

Fantasy Island is now open every day, but despite the park confirming that all rides would be available by April 3rd, some rides still remain closed. Whilst neither of the trains for Millennium Roller Coaster or Jubilee Odyssey has yet been reinstated onto the tracks, some more progress has been made around the park. Amazing Confusion is currently in the process of being reconstructed, since the ride was almost completely deconstructed last year for parts to be sent away to Mondial to be repaired .

It also appears that the park are continuing their effort to spread out the children’s rides, as the base for the Elephant ride has been moved next to Amazing Confusion.

Other cosmetic improvements have been made around the park, with the wall for the Jellikins roller coaster has been removed and the floor of the Seaquarium is looking much cleaner. The log flume also remains unavailable whilst maintenance work is being carried out.

The park have not yet announced when all rides will be open, and with Easter just a few weeks away it looks like the park have their work cut out to get everything ready for one of the busiest times of the year.

Thanks to Martyn from our forums for the information and images.

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