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Ingoldmells Caravan Holidays
Posted By Aly on Sunday 18th January 2009 @ 1:49 AM | Filed Under: Misc

Ingoldmells Caravan Holidays

The following article in an extract from the Ingoldmells Caravan Holidays Website, it's has been published here to Advertise the great efforts they do and help members find accomodation in Ingoldmells are the surrounding area.

Ingoldmells Caravan Holidays, here you will find everything you need to know about Caravan Holidays in the famous resort of Ingoldmells. From the thrills and spills at Fantasy Island Theme Park to the award winning beaches there is something for everyone this year in Ingoldmells.

Ingoldmells is a very popular coastal resort and whether you are looking for a weeks holiday or just a weekend away Ingoldmells Caravan Holidays will help find the break you are looking for. Ingoldmells Caravan Holidays has something for everyone, from family holidays to couples and groups of friends.

Fantasy Island Theme Park
If you enjoy the thrills of theme park rides take a trip on the Millennium Roller Coaster at Fantasy Island, Europe's longest looping coaster. The Jubilee Odyssey also found at Fantasy Island the world's longest suspended roller coaster with the steepest drop in Europe, pretty impressive stats! There's an amazing array of theme park rides, thrills and experiences at Fantasy Island in Ingoldmells and plenty to do for the kids.

Ingoldmells Market
Ingoldmells boasts the Largest Outdoor Market in Europe which is open 7 days a week. The Market is located at Fantasy Island Theme Park. There is a dense population of Caravan Sites in the area, the majority of which are ideally situated close to the market, especially The Blue Anchor Caravan Sites.

Why Ingoldmells Caravan Holidays?
Caravan Holidays have always proved very popular in Ingoldmells for many reasons, there is a certain freedom that comes with staying in a caravan, no curfews, no airports, somewhere to leave the car and pets are often welcome. If you would like to search for holiday caravans in Ingoldmells please Click Here. We hope you find Ingoldmells Holiday Caravans to be a helpful.

Did You know?
Sea Lane in Ingoldmells has the greatest density of Caravans anywhere on the East Coast of Lincolnshire.

About Ingoldmells Caravan Holidays

Caravans very rarely rely on gas lights and toilet blocks these days. Central heating and double glazing have replaced the old fashioned methods leaving the majority of Caravans as comfy as your own home, this is a big reason behind so many families are returning to Ingoldmells each year for Caravan Holidays.

Visit Ingoldmells Caravan Holidays Website.

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Steel Coaster Poll 2008 Results
Posted By Chris on Wednesday 24th December 2008 @ 12:09 AM | Filed Under: Misc

Steel Coaster Poll 2008 Results

The polls for Mitch Hawker's steel coaster poll closed at the beginning of the month, the votes have been counted and the results are in. Some good news emerges from this years poll as Odyssey has risen to #177 from #209 last year. However this year's result is still lower than in the 2006 poll in which Odyssey was ranked at #130. Millennium only managed to rise up the poll by one place, but now comes just behind Pepsi Max Big One.

Click here to view the full poll results for 2008.

Polls of Steel 2008
Posted By Chris on Monday 24th November 2008 @ 12:06 AM | Filed Under: Misc

Polls of Steel 2008

You are now able to cast your vote for the world renowned steel roller coaster poll. This ballot is your chance to vote for which coasters offered you the ultimate thrill ride over the past year. Full details and instructions can be found at Mitch Hawker's website, however there's a much simpler way to cast your vote by heading over to Coaster Fanatic's Auto Ballot. If you're still having difficulties check out the guide for idiots posted at Theme Park Review. Whatever method you choose, don't forget to place a vote for Jubilee Odyssey and Millennium; last year they ranked at #209 and #230 respectively. Hurry, voting ends on December 5th 2008!

Polls of Steel: 2007 Results
Posted By Chris on Sunday 9th March 2008 @ 12:27 PM | Filed Under: Misc

Polls of Steel: 2007 Results

Five hundred and ninety two members of the roller coaster community posted their ballots this year in Mitch Hawker's Steel Roller Coaster Poll. The results are in, and unfortunately both Millennium Roller Coaster and Jubilee Odyssey ranked lower this year than last. Jubilee Odyssey down seventy nine places, ranking at a still respectable #209; still higher than Pepsi Max Big One. Millennium also fell down the chart, ranking at #230; down from #192 last year.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, for the seventh year in a row Superman Ride of Steel and Expedition GeForce both retain their high ranking positions at the very top of the chart respectively. Nemesis still scored highly in the vote, ranking at #6, down three places from last years vote.

View the full list of results here.

Polls of Steel
Posted By Chris on Friday 1st February 2008 @ 9:23 PM | Filed Under: Misc

Polls of Steel

It's the time again when the coaster community vote for the coasters that have given them the ultimate thrill over the past year in Mitch Hawker's annual steel roller coaster poll. Jubilee Odyssey rose up the chart considerably last year, ranking at #130; up from #310 the previous year. Surely indicating a growing love for the custom designed, Vekoma SLC. Millennium Roller Coaster also scored well in last years poll, being placed at #192.

If you believe Jubilee Odyssey and Millennium Roller Coaster deserve better, place your ballot for them (and your other favourite coasters) in the best steel roller coaster of 2007. The voting is open for the next few weeks; closing on February 20th. Unlike any ITV game show, the voting is completely free so there's no reason not to. Coaster Fanatics have made it even easier with their own ballot creation helper. We'll let you know how your favourite coasters fared next month when the results have been calculated.

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