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FunCoast Radio
Posted By Chris on Friday 4th January 2008 @ 2:30 PM | Filed Under: Misc

FunCoast Radio

The new radio station, that will broadcast to Ingoldmells, Skegness and Chapel St Leonards is in the final stages of applying for its license. The station was originally intended to be named Fantasy FM, but changed the name to Fun Coast Radio soon after.

As an independent, community radio station, Fun Coast radio plans to play a wide variety of music from the 1970s to the present day, as well as providing local news, weather, sport and traffic information. The station promises to be the first in the UK to feature the MCAS (Missing Child Alert Service) to assist Police reunite missing children with their families. The Funcoast Foundation charity is also intended to be helped with any money generated through advertising and sponsorship deals with the station.

The station is asking for 'your letters of support to help win a five year broadcasting license from the government office OFCOM. Ideally, we would like to know why you support the idea of a local station for your town or village and how we can help you. Please email or contact OFCOM direct via'

Find out more at the Funcoast Radio website.

Happy New Year!
Posted By Aly on Tuesday 1st January 2008 @ 12:01 AM | Filed Under: Misc

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, and all the best for 2008 form the entire team here at Island Quest!

2007 has been an incredable year for us all here at Island Quest and we certainly know that 2008 can only get even better!

All The Beast for 2008!

Fantasy FM *Updated*
Posted By Chris on Sunday 7th October 2007 @ 10:56 PM | Filed Under: Misc

Fantasy FM  *Updated*

Ingoldmells could be set to get their own radio station as Fantasy FM has plans to form a community radio station that will broadcast from Skegness. If the application is approved by OFCOM, the station would be the first radio station dedicated to Ingoldmells, Skegness and Chapel St. Leonards. Despite sharing the name of Fantasy Island, there are no clear signs to affiliate the radio station with the park itself.

The station is currently recruiting volunteers to present for the station. The station is already set to broadcast online from their Skegness studio where presenters will be trained. Candidates have already been identified for the breakfast, afternoon drive and news editorial positions. The station is still looking for the daytime, evening and weekend presenters.

Update: Thursday November 15th 2007
Fantasy FM has been rebranded as 'Funcoast Radio'. This name change reflects the coastal location of the community radio station, and is "coming soon". The service also has a new website Funcoast Radio. Conraining little information, the site doesn't reveal anything more than before, or even the reason for the name change. One reason might be to eliminate confusion with Fantasy Island.

The press release for Fantasy FM is quoted below:-

“A local consortium of radio presenters, business leaders and volunteers are planning to become the first ever radio station dedicated to Skegness, Ingoldmells and Chapel St Leonard's. Playing a variety of music from the last forty years, the radio station will also feature on-air contests, local news, travel and sport. The station also plans to have a daily expert in the studio each morning to answer your questions on a variety of issues.

The station will also be the first in the UK to launch the MCAS (Missing Child Alert System) The Missing Child Alert System is something that is common place in America. If a child was to go missing, the radio station will temporarily break from normal programming to give out details of the missing child. The idea behind it is that if a child is abducted, the public will know instantly to look out for the child. The issue of children going missing was recently highlighted by the disappearance of Leicestershire child Madeline McCann in Portugal.

With the application due to be handed to the government agency OFCOM before Christmas, the management team of the radio station are looking to add more directors and would be presenters to the station, which is about to launch its online music and local news service. Project co-ordinator Elaine Forsythe said "To have a radio station dedicated to Skegness and Ingoldmells would be a dream come true foremost of the residents here, and the lack of coverage by current operators has fuelled the demand".

Station Director Richard Garvie was full of praise for the members of the public who have joined the station so far, and encouraged more to get involved. "This station is for the local people to make their own. The whole idea of community radio is to be open and accessible to all. That said, unlike most community stations in the UK who have already been licensed, we will treat this as a professional organisation and we will make sure that everybody who would like to become involved receives the proper training. We want this to be a station that can become the heart of the community and for that to happen the station needs to sound good and because of that reason alone, our standards will be the highest they possibly can be."

If you are interested in becoming a director of the station, or would like to find out more on becoming a presenter, or call Richard Garvie on 07954 255956.”

More news and information about Fantasy FM is available via their website.
Thanks to Island Quest forum member IngoldmellsLocalLaddie.

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Bomb found on nearby beach
Posted By Chris on Tuesday 14th August 2007 @ 9:23 PM | Filed Under: Misc

Bomb found on nearby beach

Northerly winds have caused a Second World War bomb to be washed onto Chapel St. Leonard’s beach. Police and coastguards implemented a 300 yard restricted area around the unexploded bomb as a bomb disposal team were called in from Nottingham to defuse the bomb.

The bomb had been uncovered by a member of the public at around lunchtime on August 9th. Mark Smith, coastguard station manager commented that “The beach was busy. There was a lot of people to cordon off.” Officials have made clear that the safety of the public is of the highest importance. Should anyone discover anything like this, they are advised to leave it alone, not pick it up and contact the emergency services.


Rain and Floods Cause Traders Problems
Posted By Chris on Thursday 2nd August 2007 @ 11:17 PM | Filed Under: Misc

Rain and Floods Cause Traders Problems

Recent bad weather and flooding have had a big impact on businesses in the area. The number of tourists is significantly lower than it would normally be during wha should be the busiest period of the year. John Sewell, who operates the land train, has noticed that those braving the weather and visiting the area aren’t spending money; “some businesses are down by thousands. I don't know what will happen by the end of the season.”

John Nutall (Nutall’s Donkeys) commented that their "donkeys have been in the field more than on the beach.” This has resulted in the donkeys becoming fatter and fewer have been in service than usual; some of which haven't been out at all. “I think 99 per cent of traders will be asking East Lindsey District Council for an extension on paying their second half rent." Chris Epton (Epton’s Donkeys) added that "it does not matter how nice September is, the kids will be back at school."

Making matters worse, the majority of tourists to the area live in and around Sheffield, Hull and Leeds; each being severely affected by the recent floods. This has meant that those living there can’t afford to go on holiday whilst they recover from damage that’s been caused to their homes.

Predictions of higher pressure should see the weather conditions return to normal over the next month. Rainfall should also fall below the seasonal average, the first time in many weeks. This should allow the traders to recuperate as the better weather should attract more tourists to the area.

Flood picture via Flickr user ditzy_brunette2004


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