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Local BB Gun shootings
Posted By Chris on Thursday 26th July 2007 @ 9:41 PM | Filed Under: Misc

Local BB Gun shootings

Disorderly behaviour in the Ingoldmells and Skegness area has increased recently as BB gun crimes become more prevalent. The shootings have been occurring throughout Skegness and Ingoldmells, resulting in victims being left shocked but largely uninjured. Police have made clear that armed police will handle incidents of this nature.

Fixed penalty tickets have been issued to two men, who had been shooting at pedestrians on Tuesday July, 17th. Several pedestrians were hit, but none injured, by the pellets as the silver, Hyundai Coupe travelled between Sea Lane, Ingoldmells and Lumley Road, Skegness. Police traced the vehicle and arrested the two men involved. The 22 year old from Skegness and 27 year old from Scarborough were released but the BB guns used in the incident were seized by the Police.

Similar events have also occurred such as on Sunday, July 1st, when an eight year old was shot on Everingtons Lane, Skegness. A man with black spiky hair is reported to have pulled alongside the boy as he was cycling before firing at him. The boy wasn’t severely hurt from the incident but was left shocked and bruised.

BB guns are available in the Fantasy Island market and other retail outlets around the area. Whilst not illegal to purchase or carry, they should be used responsibly and not fired at other people. Police are keen to remind the public that armed Police will attend when dealing with such incidents. The Anti-social Behaviour Act (2003) states that “it is an arrestable offence to carry an imitation firearm in a public place without permission, whether or not it is capable of discharging a shot or a bullet. Carrying an air weapon in public, loaded or not, is also an offence. The maximum penalty is six months imprisonment."

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Illegal Parking Initiative
Posted By Chris on Wednesday 25th July 2007 @ 1:18 PM | Filed Under: Misc

Illegal Parking Initiative

A trial period granting Police Community Support Officers with the power to ticket illegally parked vehicles in Ingoldmells, Chapel St Leonards and Hogsthorpe since May. Problems encountered by the local neighbourhood policing team were evident when Lincolnshire Police chief, Tony Lake, visited Ingoldmells. Prior to the trial, requests were often ignored when dealing with illegally parked cars.

The trial is the first of its kind in the Lincolnshire area and has already resulted in 15 tickets being issued. PC Seb Clarke leads the local policing team stated; "We're just coming into the busy season now. We're expecting increased traffic in the area, which is likely to result in a rise in the number of tickets being issued over the coming two months. It's important to stress that the new powers to allow my officers to issue fixed penalty tickets doesn't mean they are being used as traffic wardens. What it does is give them additional support should they come across illegally parked vehicles during their day-to-day business."

The Ingoldmells Action Group and Ingoldmells Parish Council, both campaigned for the powers to be introduced. “Although the trial period is due to finish at the end of the holiday season in late September, early October, I am keen to make the arrangement permanent" commented Inspector Steve Hill.

Here at Island Quest, we recommend the use of local car parks. The main car park at Fantasy Island costs £4 and is free after 6pm. Others in the nearby area can cut the cost by half and are only a short 5 minute walk from Fantasy Island and other attractions. Alternatively, use public transport whilst travelling in and around the area.

If plans go ahead to build new rides or attractions on Fantasy Island's car park, the number of parking spaces in the area would dramatically decrease. This would leave tourists with few other places to park their cars. The lack of parking spaces could also affect the success of the future plans.

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IQ Exclusive: Flamingoland Being Sued!
Posted By Aly on Monday 23rd July 2007 @ 9:45 PM | Filed Under: Misc

IQ Exclusive: Flamingoland Being Sued!

Island Quest News Exclusive.

One of Britain's biggest theme parks has been accused of racism after refusing a gypsy mum and her family a caravan holiday.

Mary McKenzie is suing Flamingo Land for £5,000 after she had a booking cancelled by the company. The 32-year-old planned to take her children Margaret, 15; Michelle, 11; George, 9; and Sandy, 8; for five days. But 10 days before she was due to travel the company cancelled her booking and refunded her cash.

Mary believes it was because they checked her address and discovered it was a travellers site. She clains a non-gypsy friend phoned Flamingo Land, North Yorkshire, to make a booking for the same week in April and was told there were still vacancies.

Mary's case is being backed by the Commission for Racial Equality who are paying the costs of her legal fight. She has already refused £500 compensation. Mary was born in Dunfermline and has lived in gypsy sites across Scotland all her life. Her family have lived in a council run site in Girvan, Ayrshire, for seven years.

Yesterday Mary declined to comment but her mother, Isobel Reid, 65, who also lives on the Girvan site, said "My daughter was shocked when they cancelled her booking. It appears they made the decission after checking her address and discovering it was a travellers' site. Our money is as good as anyone's. I have eight children and 28 grandchildren and not one of them has ever been in trouble. We are Scottish and do not see why we should be treated any differently."

The Commission for Racial Equality would not comment on the case but confirmed they are acting for Mary. Michelle Lloyd, of Save The Children, said: "The children of travellers face discrimination every day from members of the public, teachers, doctors and police officers. People seem to think it is still okay to discriminate against gypsies. We have had children in tears because they have been refused entry to swimming pools or not allowed to hire DVDs from stores because of their addresses."

"Many council run camps are near the worst areas such as refuse dumps, railway lines or electricity sub statins. It is usally land that cannot be sold. The site in Girvan, for example is prone to flooding."

Flamingo Land, which has an office in Uddingston, Lanarkshire, Scotland, is ranked among the top 6 theme parks in Britain and also has a zoo. Mary had planned to travel down by car with her family and stay in a caravan in the park's holiday village.

Flamingo Land - whose slogan is Wild Animals, Wilder Rides - failed to return our calls. Their cmpany secretary, Joeseph Friel, who is based in Gourock, Renfrewshire, Scotland, told us: "I have nothing to say about it."

Mary's case will be heard at Hamilton Sheriff Court in September.IQ

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Hail and Ride Bus Service To Cease
Posted By Barry on Wednesday 14th February 2007 @ 5:00 PM | Filed Under: Misc

Hail and Ride Bus Service To Cease

The "Hail and Ride" bus service which ran from Skegness to Ingoldmells every 10 minutes took its last ride today (14th Feb). The service which has run for 20 years will sadly cease to operate from this point onwards. The family who ran and operated the Hail and Ride accepted an offer from competitor Stagecoach just before Christmas.

Stagecoach do however, plan to replace the Hail and Ride service with several of their own covering the same route.

Visit Skegness Today for the full article.

Steel Coaster Poll 2006
Posted By Barry on Wednesday 24th January 2007 @ 7:21 PM | Filed Under: Misc

Steel Coaster Poll 2006

The results for the annual Mitch Hawker Steel Coaster Poll are now in. Last year Odyssey ranked at 310th out of coasters worldwide. This year it managed to come out as the 130th best steel coaster worldwide, a fantastic improvement! Odyssey ranked higher than many other UK coasters such as Velocity, Pepsi Max Big One and G-Force.

Millennium Coaster did considerably well to get an honourable 192nd place, again beating Pepsi Max.

The ride that came out on top was Superman Ride of Steel at Six Flags New England. Not surprisingly Nemesis at Alton Towers managed to rank high in 3rd place.

Click here to view the entire results from this year's poll.

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