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New Owners Confirmed
Posted By Barry on Tuesday 6th March 2007 @ 11:42 PM | Filed Under: Ownership

New Owners Confirmed

The new owners of Fantasy Island have now been confirmed as ‘Conduit Leisure’ headed by Laurence Davis. They have expressed that they have hundreds of millions of pounds to spend on new investments over the coming years. They are currently in talks with the local council on how to expand the park, with planning applications expected to be sent off soon.

Fantasy Island SOLD!
Posted By Barry on Friday 23rd February 2007 @ 11:32 PM | Filed Under: Ownership

Fantasy Island SOLD!

Its true! Fantasy Island has been sold, and is under new management leaving the days of Blue Anchor Leisure behind. It has been mentioned (but not confirmed) that the new owners are a team of investment bankers, possibly based in the US since investors from America are backing the casino and the Absolutely Insane ride in 2004. Rumours have also generated that the park has been purchased by Ranks who own and operate Butlins.

The new management are already in discussions with the local council to expand and improve Fantasy Island and the surrounding area. The chief executive of East Lindsey District Council, Nigel Howells, said "they have major plans to improve and upgrade fantasy island and attract even more visitors". The exact nature of these plans has yet to be revealed, however, the new management have several hundreds of millions of pounds to put into the park and the area surrounding. It’s been said that many changes are to be made to the park in time for summer 2007, continuing with the maintenance that has begun to take place.

So what do we at Island Quest hope will come out of this? Well adjustments to the pay per ride system for one, maybe at last we will see wristbands at the park. Obviously less ride downtime would be welcomed with open arms. To theme up Odyssey and other rides to the standards of Fantasea Flume and the interior of the Pyramid, I’m sure you’ll agree would also be great to see.

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