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Odyssey Up and Running
Posted By Barry on Sunday 4th June 2006 @ 11:43 PM | Filed Under: Jubilee Odyssey

Odyssey Up and Running

With recent technical difficulties in the past, Jubilee Odyssey is back up and running. Operating of an equivalent velocity to 2005, surprisingly a little smoother. On another positive note the well known clonking sound on the lift hill is no longer present.

As previously reported the train was sent to manufacturer Vekoma for modification in September 2005. Fantasy Island has now confirmed that this was the result of a major breakdown, in which a restraint connector snapped. All restraints were replaced by Vekoma, equipped with toughened steel.

Presumably in an attempt smoothen the ride the side wheels were tightened while at Vekoma factories which led into the rollback. This caused a large amount of friction when the ride attempted its first test run of 2006, causing a rollback on the infamous horseshoe turn element.

This strongly suggests that this was a one off rollback, and is therefore not expected to reoccur during 2006. On the other hand technical difficulties are ongoing with the new restraint systems. Over the spring bank week the ride was down numerous times for restraint repairs.

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