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Press Release: Towers Quest
Posted By Aly on Thursday 19th July 2007 @ 6:07 PM | Filed Under: IQ News

Press Release: Towers Quest

Press Release:

Towers Quest; Launching Soon.

Your journey with Towers Quest* starts here. Join us as we take you on a virtual voyage of Alton Towers.

After a successful year after the launch of Island Quest, we have decided to branch out and extend the ‘Quest’ brand. Work on Towers Quest is well underway and will be hitting computer screens late Autumn!

Fancy a blast from the past? Towers Quest has everything there is to know on the history of Alton Towers! Rediscover Alton Towers wealth of outstanding and amazing history to date. Check out retired rides such as Black Hole and Thunderlooper, read news from seasons long since past, and feast your eyes on maps/guides dating back from the very first seasons.

However that’s not all. Towers Quest will also bring you up to date with the current goings on at the park. Get details and media on every single ride and attraction, check opening times or use our Trip Diaries to access more Alton Towers photos than you could shake a leg at. We also feature endless supplies of Need to know, essential information which is presented to you – including: travel directions, park prices and height restrictions. Know your stuff and plan your day with our trip planning pages and guides.

It’s not just the past and what’s happening today we’re interested in at Towers Quest! We also take an active interest in the future of Alton Towers. So what does the future hold for Alton Towers? Will we ever see a wooden coaster grace the park? Or could Alton Towers one day start the long awaited refurbishment of the towers, and bring them back to reasonable standard? ... you’ll find out the answers to these questions and more on Towers Quest!

For those of you whom like to know a little inside information about Towers Quest, you’ll find out a little about the origins of the site and the brains behind the work that goes on at Towers Quest. Essentials such as frequently asked questions and contact details can also be found on the site.

Just when you think it’s all over there is a bunch of pages full of bonus content. All you download junkies will find yourself right at home here with our TQ desktop wallpapers and downloadable programs and much more!

And if that is not enough to tickle your pickle then we have an interactive forum, where you can discuss the latest hot topics regarding Alton Towers, share your photos from years gone by. Then there’s also the chance to take a break from all things Alton Towers and chill out in our exclusive member lounge.

So let your journey begin with Towers Quest: -

Kind Regards,

Towers Quest Team.

*Towers Quest is a new venture operated and funded by Island Quest. Any questions regarding the pre-launch stage should be directed to Island Quest and it’s staff team.

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