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News Desk Upgrades
Posted By Chris on Sunday 22nd July 2007 @ 8:51 PM | Filed Under: IQ News

News Desk Upgrades

The news archive has now been categorised. This is to make it easier for visitors to find specific news items based upon what the article has been filed as. Articles are filed by who posted the article and assigned a category. News is also filtered into annual archives (2006)(2007) based upon the date the article was posted.

The following tags are used to categorise articles; General Park News, Jubilee Odyssey, Millennium Coaster, Absolutely Insane, Volcanic Impact, Amazing Confusion, The BEAST, Fantasy Mouse, Rhombus Rocket, Fantasea Flume, Coconut Twist, Wreckers Cove, Grand Prix Go-Kart, Childrens Rides, Retired Rides, Future Development, The Market, Nearby Attractions, Maintenance, Winter News, Trip Reports, IQ News, Events, Ownership and Misc. The news archive is then filtered to display only the relevant articles for the selected tag. Similarly, posts can be searched by their poster; in doing so, only articles posted by the selected author would be displayed.

The news archive has also been configured to make the most of social bookmarking services. Digg,, furl, and a number other bookmarking services can be used directly from a selected news article. In doing so, the relevant service is opened, allowing visitors to help promote the article around the web. A "Discuss" link is also evident on selected news articles, allowing readers to share their own views and opinions on the issue in the related Island Quest forum.

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