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Locals Concerned Over New Owners
Posted By Chris on Monday 23rd July 2007 @ 1:09 AM | Filed Under: Ownership

Locals Concerned Over New Owners

Recent letters that appeared recently in The Skegness Standard highlight residents concerns over Fantasy Island. Opinions like this are not uncommon in local press, but these in particular refer to Conduit Leisure, and their strategy for their latest acquisition, Fantasy Island.

“As a local person who lives very near Fantasy Island, I was willing to hear what Conduit had planned and give them every chance, but I do not respond well to threats and bully boy tactics. I feel Conduit have shot themselves in the foot, and that they should put their own house in order. The music and tannoy coming from some of the rides is once again reaching horrendous proportions at the weekends.”
Ann Wells, Ingoldmells

In reference to the remarks of Mr. Hollins of Conduit, myself and many more of the residents of Ingoldmells would be very pleased if they (Conduit) did walk and take Fantasy Island, and all the rubbish, noise and pollution with them and let us have some peace and quiet. And the sooner the better.”
Mr A Hopkins, Ingoldmells

“Have they thought that if given the chance by Lincolnshire County Council and East Lindsey District Council that some of the plans that Conduit have in mind could be really beneficial to the village of Ingoldmells? For instance, all year round jobs, indoor venues for our young people, like skating and football, and several other things they can take part in.

Conferences which would bring money to the village, and good accommodation for holiday makers. I do believe I have heard a similar comment before that the lady stated in her letter, "I was willing to hear what John Woodward had planned and gave him every chance", it was made by the same lady. There is a bigger majority of residents and holidaymakers who would disagree with the gentlemen's comments. Give them a chance.”
Bernard Wise, Ingoldmells

Residents concerns in relation to the negative effects of living near an amusement park are clearly evident, particularly as Fantasy Island is located in the small, coastal, village of Ingoldmells. Inevitably, amusement parks of this nature have both positive and negative effects in the surrounding environment. The park attracts a huge number of tourists to the area each year, boosting the economy in the area considerably. Conduit Leisure may have big plans for the park, but the park’s success rests on the complicated task of pleasing not only their guests but also the local residents.

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