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Rain and Floods Cause Traders Problems
Posted By Chris on Thursday 2nd August 2007 @ 11:17 PM | Filed Under: Misc

Rain and Floods Cause Traders Problems

Recent bad weather and flooding have had a big impact on businesses in the area. The number of tourists is significantly lower than it would normally be during wha should be the busiest period of the year. John Sewell, who operates the land train, has noticed that those braving the weather and visiting the area arenít spending money; ďsome businesses are down by thousands. I don't know what will happen by the end of the season.Ē

John Nutall (Nutallís Donkeys) commented that their "donkeys have been in the field more than on the beach.Ē This has resulted in the donkeys becoming fatter and fewer have been in service than usual; some of which haven't been out at all. ďI think 99 per cent of traders will be asking East Lindsey District Council for an extension on paying their second half rent." Chris Epton (Eptonís Donkeys) added that "it does not matter how nice September is, the kids will be back at school."

Making matters worse, the majority of tourists to the area live in and around Sheffield, Hull and Leeds; each being severely affected by the recent floods. This has meant that those living there canít afford to go on holiday whilst they recover from damage thatís been caused to their homes.

Predictions of higher pressure should see the weather conditions return to normal over the next month. Rainfall should also fall below the seasonal average, the first time in many weeks. This should allow the traders to recuperate as the better weather should attract more tourists to the area.

Flood picture via Flickr user ditzy_brunette2004


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