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Absolutely Insane Closes
Posted By Chris on Tuesday 25th September 2007 @ 10:17 PM | Filed Under: Absolutely Insane

Absolutely Insane Closes

After 10 months of downtime, Absolutely Insane reopened after being freshly re-cabled earlier this year. 13 weeks on, Absolutely Insane is out of action once more as one of the first signs that the park is entering the winter off season. Recently the kart has been removed, and the weights have been put into place.

The extensive amount of downtime, caused by deliveries of the wrong parts from American based, thrill ride manufacturer, S&S, inevitably left the park with a major financial loss as one of their three big attractions was left out of action. The future of the ride is unclear, but the re-cabling shows promising signs for the future of the 240ft sky sling.

Sadly, the 2007 season is coming to an end, and this is only the first sign of the forthcoming winter off season. Watch this space for the latest Fantasy Island updates and discuss your experiences, memories, hopes and fears for the park on the Island Quest forums

Thanks to IQ forum member SLY 1 EA.

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