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Late Season Downtime for Odyssey
Posted By Chris on Sunday 7th October 2007 @ 9:51 PM | Filed Under: Jubilee Odyssey

Late Season Downtime for Odyssey

Jubilee Odyssey has been closed over the past weekend. Sightings of maintenance employees working on the lift hill suggest that there are problems with the lift hill motor and the train. It is unknown when the parks signature attraction will re-open.

Back in May, the park was confident that Jubilee Odyssey would have its most productive season ever. Until now, Odyssey has been performing better than ever. This statement came after several years of problems with the ride. In 2005, the train was sent back to Vekoma where the restraints were replaced with toughened steel after a restraint connector snapped. The train stalled in 2006 as it failed to complete the horseshoe turn; thought to be due to increased friction as the side wheels had been tightened to create a smoother ride experience. Although it’s unavoidable to close the 167ft. high attraction in high winds, this year Odyssey has been seen operating in what appear to be higher winds than previous years.

The rumour mill is still overloaded with speculation related to Odyssey’s future at the park. Despite this, the park confirmed to Island Quest in April that there are no plans to remove the attraction. The past season, Odyssey has been in operation more often than not. Regardless of heavy rain and flooding that may have caused visitor numbers to dwindle and ride closures, it appears that the park has lived up to their prediction with a season of improved productivity.

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