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Post of the Month: Oct & Nov
Posted By Chris on Sunday 9th December 2007 @ 12:45 AM | Filed Under: IQ News

Post of the Month: Oct & Nov

Apologies for the delay with the post of the month feature. Anyway, here’s October and November’s winning posts.

Back in October, Aly, our very own forum manager kick started Spooky Quest; where the IQ forums celebrated the festivities of Halloween. Taking this opportunity to reveal his plans to attend a fancy dress party dressed as a as a dead doctor, his alter ego likely slayed more hearts than he saved?

“Me being the social corpse that I am, have attend numerous fancy dress party dressed as a dead doctor! A friend managed to get me some real doctor scrubs which made my outfit look divine!”

Read the thread in full here.

Early speculation was ignited as the third of Absolutely Insane’s safety lights stopped working. Shrouded in moonlit darkness, Robbogt spotted that Volcanic Impacts light was still shining but flag poles had been removed. Fuelling the rumour of Absolutely Insane’s demise, it was suggested, by Robbogt, that Volcanic Impact might, once again, become the tallest ride in the park.

“I've been thinking about this. At one point V.I. was the tallest ride at F.I, so I suppose it would have had to have the red light on it from it's arrival.

As taller rides arrived, they would have had to be the aircraft warning beacon.

So it's a good assumption that the light has been there all along, just not needed to be illuminated. Why now though??”

Read the thread in full here

The park is closed for off season, but that’s no reason to neglect the Island Quest forums. Find out about the latest rumour, speculation and cold hard facts via the Island Quest forums. Don’t be shy, come on in and rant your heart out!

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