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Off Season Rumour Mill Hype
Posted By Chris on Sunday 9th December 2007 @ 1:06 AM | Filed Under: Winter News

Off Season Rumour Mill Hype

Off season leaving you feeling blue? Island Quest is here for you. Construction, regeneration, refurbishments or possible demolition could occur during this off season. Rumours of rides being removed, more market stalls being erected and the potential loss of the pyramid are all being discussed on the Island Quest forums.

Feel free to share any nuggets of information, speculation and hearsay that you come across. Of course, any other off season reports and pictures are all welcome additions to the boards. Barry and myself are planning on making an off season trip to see for ourselves what’s been happening in and around the park. And, as ever we’ll be on hand to discuss anything from Ingoldmells to Alton Towers as well as anything and everything in between.

Hot topics right now are discussion about the possible removal of Absolutely Insane, based on a bad season last year as well as the potential removal of the pyramid due to lack of appropriate planning permission. Fact based opinions or wishful thinking?

Discuss the latest developments and let everyone know what you think on the Island Quest forums now…

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