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Is Absolutely Insane Safe with the Pyramid?
Posted By Chris on Sunday 23rd December 2007 @ 5:09 PM | Filed Under: Winter News

Is Absolutely Insane Safe with the Pyramid?

Thereís a glimmer of hope for anyone who feared the demise of Absolutely Insane. However, itís planned for the 240ft high sky sling to stay with the park for at least one more season. The bad news is that when Conduit Leisure takes the reins of control over the park in May, Absolutely Insane, Balloon ride, Mini Dodgems, Jellikins, the Toucan Tours Monorail and Jungle ride are all set for the chop.

The overhaul is speculated to take place as part of a complete renovation of the Pyramid in the winter of 2008. As well as an attempt to help the park fit in with Conduit Leisureís plans to become a Ďfamily resortí, the removal of Absolutely Insane is more likely due to the recent problems it had over the 2007 season. Although itís unconfirmed, make sure you make the most of the possible final year Absolutely Insane will be at the park.

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