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Island Quest » News Archive » “its been eventful , but for all the wrong reasons”

“its been eventful , but for all the wrong reasons”
Posted By Barry on Saturday 28th October 2006 @ 10:55 PM | Filed Under: Misc

“its been eventful , but for all the wrong reasons”

1, 2, 3 it’s here the long awaited 2006 off season ... the best part of the year I’m sure you will all agree! Let’s take this moment to look back at 2006, if I could turn back time ...There’s no doubt it's been eventful, but for all the wrong reasons. Now usually it takes the park a good month to get everything back to normality, by April things are usually sound, however this year even at the end of April things were no better than the off season. Odyssey had not one but two rollbacks which delayed its opening until May, this had a domino effect on the rest of the park causing them to not have sufficient time to revive other attractions from the winter. To top it all off once upon a time in 2006 the Eye on the Coast got pulled down, another attraction following G-Force to the grave. Just brilliant!

Let’s think about the summer, it was the warmest July on record ever in the UK and things were shining brightly at the park. Busy as usual although the rides seemed to be less of an attraction in comparison to the market. Apart from that nasty 5 weeks of downtime from Millennium Coaster it was a summer of uptime for the rides.

To follow the pattern of this year’s record downtime; Odyssey and the surrounding rides closed early for the season due to lack of demand. Time to sit out another cold lonely winter... Roll on 2007!

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