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Digging the Future
Posted By Chris on Saturday 26th January 2008 @ 12:32 AM | Filed Under: Winter News

Digging the Future

Sightings have been made of construction work occurring on land adjacent to Fantasy Island recently. Several mounds of earth have been excavated from the ground. The work could be the first signs of footings for a new development. Despite casino plans being shelved last year, it might be suggested that this work is for the new arena.

In related news; the caravans in the area, next to Jubilee Odyssey's station and Fantasy Island car park, were seen to be removed, at the end of November last year. This was prior to this work being carried out, but fuels speculation regarding the future use of the land. New caravans or chalets are both possibilities. Therefore complimenting the area as more of a family resort.

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