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Park Preview Videos
Posted By Chris on Sunday 15th June 2008 @ 12:42 AM | Filed Under: Events

Park Preview Videos

On Friday 6th June, Park Preview took a trip to Fantasy Island with the intention of capturing on and off ride video from in and around the Fantasy Island resort. On ride footage from Jubilee Odyssey, Millennium Roller Coaster, Fantasy Mouse, Rhombus Rocket, Volcanic Impact and even Dragon Mountain Descent is featured in the video that reflects the vibrant atmosphere of the park. The experience of both Millennium and Odyssey was captured from both forward and backward perspectives, offering an intriguing insight into what it would be like to travel facing backwards on both of the parks major roller coasters. Ride ops also offered up the controls of Beast for them to control the ride themselves in manual mode. Unfortunately Absolutely Insane wasn't open for their visit.

Download the videos yourself via the Park Preview website.

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