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Jubilee Price Review
Posted By Chris on Sunday 15th June 2008 @ 12:43 AM | Filed Under: General Park News

Jubilee Price Review

Fantasy Island have lowered the cost of Jubilee tokens from 4 to just 3. Making both Millennium and Odyssey more reasonably priced; the equivalent of 5 regular tokens. Nevertheless, it's unknown whether the price will rise back to 4 during the peak summer months or if this is a long term offer in an attempt to encourage reluctant guests to brave the white knuckle Jubilee rides. On ride photos are unaffected by this move and remain priced at 3.99 or 2 for 7. Jubilee Odyssey and Amazing Confusion have been only opening at weekends since the beginning of the season, due to a noticeable lack of people in the area. From next month, it's expected that both rides will reopen during the weekdays of the main summer season.

Recently, we reported that buy one get one free vouchers were limited to only the Skegness Standard and Fun Coast magazine. However, such vouchers are still being made available in the Skegness information centre as they were in previous seasons. They entitle holders to a further 12 or 18 worth of free ride tokens when they purchase an equal amount from a manned token point.

There are similar vouchers inside the Skegness directory; available from the Skegness information centre and Hildreds shopping centre. The directory also includes vouchers for other local places of interest including; Laser Quest, Skegness Bowl, Skegness Stadium, Pleasure Island Cleethorpes, Hardy's Animal Farm, Butlins and Natureland Seal Sactuary.

In related news; Fantasy Island no longer appears to have a park map. The only promotional material in the Skegness information centre were the BOGOF vouchers with little information about the resort on the reverse. Let us know what you think on the forums.

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