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June Trip Report
Posted By Chris on Friday 20th June 2008 @ 8:43 PM | Filed Under: Trip Reports

June Trip Report

Barry and myself headed out to Ingoldmells between the 7th and 14th June for probably one of the quietest times of the year. Having said that, most rides around Fantasy Island opened throughout the week, with a close time of around 5pm each day; slightly later on Saturday nights at 8pm. Jubilee Odyssey only opened for around an hour on Sunday afternoon, after being tested since only about 4pm. On such a beautiful day, it was surprising that they left it so late in the day, despite this there was almost a queue forming with the number of people waiting to ride. Millennium opened throughout the week; only closing on Thursday and Friday due to poorer weather conditions. Absolutely Insane wasn't open throughout the week and despite having its car attached doesn't appear to have been open at all since the season began in March.

One of the biggest differences compared to last year was the lack of park maps. Whilst they weren't necessary to navigate the park, the maps did offer a sense of place.The old maps featured information regarding Blue Anchor caravans, and it's possible that Blue Anchor owned the copyright to the maps and the old logo. Therefore, it's understandable why the maps have been withdrawn. However, the only promotional material for the park now is leaflets available from the Skegness Information Centre and in the Skegness Directory.

Despite previous reports regarding Millennium and Amazing Confusion paint jobs, it looks more like Millennium has simply been shedding its old paint job and Amazing Confusion remains the same shade of sun-bleached pink.

Nevertheless, the park have been recycling old ride cars that were formerly used on Fantasy Flume. Three of these have been painted and set at the main carpark entrance as planters. The plants look pretty small, and the soil looks more like dirt than compost, but they have to be applauded forconsidering the cosmetic appearance of the park.

As noted on the forums toward the end of last season, the old Fantasy Island logo and disco ball have been removed from the inside of the pyramid. This used to hang at the apex inside the pyramid. It's implied that the new owners are attempting to remove any sign of the old owners presence; and replacing this with the new park logo.

Finally,we noticed that the path that joined the Fantasy Island overflow carpark to Sea Lane has been closed since November last year. It's noted that this is a permanent closure, however it's unclear whether this is only whilst work is carried out to the adjacent caravan park development. Incidentally, this appears to be a Blue Anchor development and it could be possible that the walkway is the property of Blue Anchor. Either way, it makes a much longer trip from the overflow carpark to Fantasy Island. The route is also poorly sign posted; whilst there's signs to get to the car park, there's very few on how to walk back to Fantasy Island.

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