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Beast Downtime
Posted By Chris on Thursday 3rd July 2008 @ 2:00 AM | Filed Under: The BEAST

Beast Downtime

Beast has been experiencing a sufficient amount of downtime over the last week. The maintenance team were spotted on the ride with a cherry picker on Saturday June 21st. Nonetheless, the gondolas were recovered and entrance and exit signs were removed before the maintenance team left the ride in its closed state. The ride has remained closed since then, and whilst it's unknown what is causing the problem it is assumed that they are waiting on a part for the ride before it can be fixed. Check out the thread on the forums for periodical updates.

In related news, Jubilee Odyssey and Amazing Confusion have only been opening at weekends since spring half term. This is due to a noticeable lack of people in the area. From next month, it's expected that both rides will reopen during the weekdays of the main summer season. It's unknown whether the extended opening times will afect the lowered price of Jubilee tokens as we progress into the summer season.

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