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The future of Absolutely Insane
Posted By Chris on Tuesday 12th August 2008 @ 7:13 PM | Filed Under: Absolutely Insane

The future of Absolutely Insane

Absolutely Insane has been standing but not open since last September. It wasn't until June that the 240ft sky sling opened last year due to the cables being replaced. The car was removed weeks before the end of the 2007 season after only being open to the public for around 13 weeks. During the closed season, it was speculated that the ride would be disappearing from the skyline at the end of this year, could this be proved right?

At the beginning of this season, Martyn reported on the forums that the ride still looked as it does in winter; with its cables still attached to its weight. As of now, it's unknown why the ride is closed and remains unclear how long it will remain in its current state. As far as we know, the ride hasn't been tested for public use despite having its car reattached.

At present we're considering the potential future for the ride, and have reached the conclusion that the car has been reattached for illustration purposes to prospective purchasers looking to buy the attraction. Nevertheless, it's been rumoured on the forums that the ride could reopen for summer. Already a third of the way through the busiest period of summer, it looks very doubtful that the ride will open at all this year.

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