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Beast Reopens
Posted By Chris on Friday 29th August 2008 @ 9:22 PM | Filed Under: The BEAST

Beast Reopens

Beast has finally reopened today, after a staggering ten weeks of downtime during the busiest period of the year. This amount of downtime will have severely impacted the profit for the park this year; particularly considering the expense of maintenance work.

It was way back in June when maintenance were seen to be working on the ride. By the end of July, the ride had already been stripped down for a number of weeks; awaiting a replacement main bearing for the main arm; a part which allegedly costs in the region of 30,000. Similar work was carried out last year on Beast, as the gondola bearing had to be replaced; but reopened after only a week of downtime.

The Mondial top scan was seen testing on Thursday and has since reopened to the public.

Thanks to forum members Ingoldmells Local Laddie, Sherman454, Rachie, Speedo, Martyn and SLY 1 EA for their updates.

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