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Steel Coaster Poll 2006
Posted By Barry on Wednesday 24th January 2007 @ 7:21 PM | Filed Under: Misc

Steel Coaster Poll 2006

The results for the annual Mitch Hawker Steel Coaster Poll are now in. Last year Odyssey ranked at 310th out of coasters worldwide. This year it managed to come out as the 130th best steel coaster worldwide, a fantastic improvement! Odyssey ranked higher than many other UK coasters such as Velocity, Pepsi Max Big One and G-Force.

Millennium Coaster did considerably well to get an honourable 192nd place, again beating Pepsi Max.

The ride that came out on top was Superman Ride of Steel at Six Flags New England. Not surprisingly Nemesis at Alton Towers managed to rank high in 3rd place.

Click here to view the entire results from this year's poll.

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