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Off Season Update
Posted By Aly on Saturday 17th January 2009 @ 3:21 PM | Filed Under: General Park News

Off Season Update

It's a good few months into the park's off season, so it's time for a bit of an update! The off season is a time when the park is gearing itself up for the year ahead with rides usually in bits for severe maintenance and the park usually receiving a lick of paint to freshen up its image.

Unfortunately there are no new major attractions planned for the 2009 season. The only new addition to the park which have been confirmed for this year is the planned crazy golf attraction, reported during the second half of the 2008 season. The attraction would be situated under the shadow of the fearsome Jubilee Odyssey! It has been reported that no work has started yet on this new development.

Other Park News
It's been reported here at Island Quest that half of the Bingo at Fantasy Island has been ripped out ready for redvelopment for the coming season. Island Quest member Leon visisted the park recently, however work seems to have ground to a halt!

We should hopefully have more information and pictures soon...

Thanks to IQ forum member Leon for the info.

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