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Updated: Wristbands and Park Maps Confirmed
Posted By Chris on Tuesday 10th February 2009 @ 10:55 AM | Filed Under: General Park News

Updated: Wristbands and Park Maps Confirmed

Update: Whilst tokens are no longer going to be sold, the new system will use a 'live ticket' featuring a barcode with the ability to top up. This should provide an option for people who wish to continue to pay per ride. However, any tokens purchased up to Easter 2009 will still be usable; indicating that pay per ride prices will be equivalent to current prices, when the new system is in place. Pricing details are still to be finalised. Last updated: 11 Feb 2009 @ 09.30am

Wrist bands could be introduced as soon as Easter. The park has long since operated using a token system; on a pay per ride basis. Whilst wrist bands have been rumoured for several years; the park themselves shared their thoughts with us back in 2007. Toward the end of last season, it was suggested that a wrist band scheme could be in the pipeline. The park plan to completely stop selling ride tokens after the wrist band scheme has been fully implemented. Nonetheless, old tokens will still be usable throughout the rest of the season. Whilst pricing is yet to be confirmed, this should prove to be a welcome addition by many customers looking for value for money. However, will the removal of the token system put off visitors who only want to use a few attractions? Have your say on our forums.

In related news, the park was left without a map last year during the transition phase between owners. However, this is set to be rectified in the near future. There might also be a chance of large static maps being placed in various locations around the park.

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