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IQ Exclusive: 13 Year Old Brochure!
Posted By Aly on Wednesday 13th May 2009 @ 1:49 PM | Filed Under: IQ News

IQ Exclusive: 13 Year Old Brochure!

At Island Quest we're very lucky that we have various people who contribute to both our website and forum community.

Recently we've even seen Fantasy Island contribute towards Island Quest; offering free wristbands to Island Quest Memebers in return for Ride Descriptions for the park's website!

Island Quest have recently been in contact with WGH who manufactured several rides at the park including Rhombus Rocket, Fantasea Flume and Magical Seaquarium as well as several other rides.

WGH have provided Island Quest with a copy of a brochure which is over 13 years old and features information and pictures on all these rides!

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