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More Winter News
Posted By Barry on Sunday 18th February 2007 @ 10:23 PM | Filed Under: Winter News

More Winter News

Surprisingly Fantasy Island have actually put some investment into maintaining their current attractions this season. The Fantasea Flume ride in its entirety has received a repaint. This repaint includes both the Log Flume channels and also the station. Amazing Confusion is in the process of getting a full clean down and possible repairs. As will be mentioned in other articles; Rhombus Rocket has received a new station and the market has been given a touch of colour.

The Absolutely Insane carriage still has not been removed for the winter, and looks set to stay put. Beast is now also intact and rebuilt for the new season, with Techno Jump well underway! No signs of the Millennium or Odyssey trains on track just yet, with the Odyssey train still in pieces inside the Pyramid and warehouse...

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