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Rave reported as a Huge Success
Posted By Aly on Tuesday 9th June 2009 @ 9:57 PM | Filed Under: Events

Rave reported as a Huge Success

On Saturday 6th June 2009 almost 4,000 people flocked to Fantasy Island to attend the Pleasure Dome rave.

A few years ago Fantasy Island used to host similiar events however they were then scrapped. However, it was all change this season when the first event made a comeback with style.

A few complaints were received from locals, who objected to the noise, but were satisfied considering that this was a one-off event. Nonetheless, Lincolnshire Police have reported there have been no incidents connected with the event, with the organisers describing it as a 'huge success'.

Waltzers were also set up on the opposite side of Sea Lane to coincide with the event. Whilst nothing to do with Fantasy Island, they were asked to closeat some point during the event, since they were making a lot of noise. Nonetheless, the waltzers are yet to leave, and have been operational over the past few days.

Via: Skegness Standard

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