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New Rides for Bottons and Pleasure Island
Posted By Chris on Thursday 14th January 2010 @ 10:36 PM | Filed Under: Nearby Attractions

New Rides for Bottons and Pleasure Island

Bottons Pleasure Beach in Skegness has confirmed a new ride for the 2010 season, their first new addition since Rockin’ Roller in 2006. The ride is to be named ‘Remix II’ and speculated to be a 4 arm Tivoli Extreme Orbiter, aimed at the family thrill market.

Wristband pricing will increase for the 2010 season, seeing prices rise from £12 to £13 for an all-day wristband, and £9 for wristbands purchased after 5pm. Once again, the park is holding their annual charity evening, when wristbands are priced at £4 during the evening of June 11th, with all proceeds going to local charities. A special fun night is also being held on September 11th 2010, featuring a fireworks display, a free raffle and free face painting as well as a range of activities. Bottons reopens on weekends only from March 13th 2010, until Easter.

Pleasure Island in Cleethorpes is also promoting a new ride for the 2010 season. The ride is a ghost train, named Blomberg’s Tomb of Terror. The park also sees the addition of an outdoor ice skating rink, and new shows from Tommy Tinkaboo, the African Acrobats and the sea lions. Pleasure Island reopens on April 1st 2010.

Thanks to Stuart Gutteridge and Martyn for the information.

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