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Absolutely Insane Deconstruction
Posted By Chris on Monday 8th March 2010 @ 11:37 PM | Filed Under: Absolutely Insane

Absolutely Insane Deconstruction

Two cranes arrived at Fantasy Island this week to begin the deconstruction of Absolutely Insane. Standing at 240 feet, the S&S Sky Sling was the only ride of its type in the UK, but has remained standing but not operating since September 2007. Plagued with ongoing problems and expensive maintenance costs, Absolutely Insane has proven to be one of the park's most unreliable rides. Speculation suggests that the ride has been sold for scrap value as the park struggled to find a prospective buyer.

Selling the ride also supports a recent report in the Skegness Standard, revealing the parks financial burden. Energy providor EDF threatened to disconnect the electricity supply to the park based on an amounted debt of 75,000. Negotiations were made to pay the debt back in periodical installments. Air your thoughts about Absolutely Insane in the Island Quest discussion forums.

The train for Millennium Roller Coaster has been reinstated onto its track ready for the park to reopen from this Saturday on a weekends only basis until Easter.

Thanks to Steve and Chaz for the information.

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