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New Station For Rhombus Rocket
Posted By Barry on Sunday 18th February 2007 @ 11:23 PM | Filed Under: Rhombus Rocket

New Station For Rhombus Rocket

As part of the winter maintenance a huge amount of work has been done to the Rhombus Rocket station. You may remember before Christmas that a new floor was added, however Fantasy Island have took this another step forward and redubbed the entire station area. This includes the addition of a control booth area, along with brightly coloured fencing to surround the station and also a full repaint. The train has also had some work with every last wheel now brand spanking new

This is not the first time that the park have gone all out for Rhombus, their first roller coaster. In 2004 the ride was equipped with an entirely new support structure and given a full repaint from dark brown to a shade of purple. The actual seats and surrounding framework has also only recently been replaced.

The ride which is still very popular today is now beginning to be prepped for the 2007 season with the train now being placed back on track.

Iím sure you will agree that even though this is a small touch itís great to see the park is still cared for.

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