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Island Quest » News Archive » Butlins Bans Bumping the Bumper Cars

Butlins Bans Bumping the Bumper Cars
Posted By Chris on Thursday 28th April 2011 @ 8:07 PM | Filed Under: Nearby Attractions

Butlins Bans Bumping the Bumper Cars

Butlins have introduced a ban on bumping into other riders on the dodgems at each of their resorts. Introducing the ride to the UK holiday camps in 1927, Billy Butlin may have been a pioneer of his time as the ride is now a common sight at travelling fairs up and down the country. Due to new health and safety restrictions in place at the holiday camps, riders will now need to drive in a more orderly fashion; avoiding contact with other riders for fear of being banned. Defending the decision the resort director has cited incidents of "broken bones, due to people bumping into each other". There are currently no known plans to introduce this ban elsewhere.

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