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Amazing Confusion

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Amazing Confusion Reopens
Posted By Chris on Thursday 28th April 2011 @ 8:10 PM | Filed Under: Amazing Confusion

Amazing Confusion Reopens

Amazing Confusion, the world’s first Mondial Ultra Max, has reopened this week after significant maintenance work has been carried out over the past 10 months. The ride first closed in June last year, when just one section of seats was removed to gain access to the main arm. In September, it became apparent that the problem was particularly significant as the majority of the ride was deconstructed with parts being sent away to Mondial, the ride manufacturer, to be repaired or replaced. The ride was still in pieces throughout winter, with little to no indication when the ride would reopen. Earlier this month, reports indicated that Amazing Confusion was being reconstructed and three weeks later the ride reopened to guests.

Elsewhere in the park, both rollercoasters have been open for the past few weeks seeing both open late into the night. The park have also introduced rotational ride operation for a number of rides during off peak times, whereby staff move between rides so that each ride opens during specific times. A few rides still remain unavailable, including Rhombus' Rocket, Monkey Jump and the Elephant Ride. Nonetheless, the park have added a page to their website to indicate which rides are unavailable.

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