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Opening Weekend Roundup
Posted By Barry on Sunday 18th March 2007 @ 11:42 PM | Filed Under: Trip Reports

Opening Weekend Roundup

I can safely say it hasnít been the best weekend at Fantasy Island with under half of the rides operating! As expected both coaster; Millennium and Odyssey were closed, but what was unexpected was the fact that neither of these coasters had their trains on track. Both trains were still packed down in the warehouse. Both Amazing Confusion and Absolutely Insane that neighbour Odyssey were also closed to the public.

Most shockingly all the rides excluding the Magical Seaquarium water ride were closed within the pyramid! Meaning both the majority of children's rides and thrill rides were down. On the main fairground the Wild Mouse and Volcanic Impact were also experiencing downtime along with a few childrenís rides. Techno Jump - which was in pieces just over a week ago was surprisingly open to the public, Beast also managed to open which has been a rush and a task for the ride engineers due to the weather conditions in the last few weeks.

It isnít expected that full normality will resume until Easter, however, we would expect that Millennium and several other rides will start opening next weekend.

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