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Island Quest » News Archive » Magical Seaquarium Gets a New Lease of Life

Magical Seaquarium Gets a New Lease of Life
Posted By Barry on Monday 19th March 2007 @ 4:01 PM | Filed Under: Childrens Rides

Magical Seaquarium Gets a New Lease of Life

The regeneration scheme which is currently taking place at the park has now made its way into the pyramid starting with the Magical Seaquarium that takes riders on a tour underneath the pyramid into the darkness to discover the myths behind Fantasy Island. New theming elements have been added to the ride which include water fountains, whale and fisherman statues, and a ‘wall of water’ feature! Lots of paint work taken place, and some new lighting has been added that gives an underwater effect. Check out the image below to get an idea of how the Seaquarium looks after its spruce up:

Magical Seaquarium Ride

Also the Dragon Mountain has been polished up with new materials along the sides of the water channels. However, this ride failed to open this weekend like many others.

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