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Fireworks Event - Big Success
Posted By Barry on Monday 9th April 2007 @ 3:16 PM | Filed Under: Events

Fireworks Event - Big Success

The Easter Saturday fireworks display with a guest appearance from singer Ray Quinn was a big success according to local papers:

"Probably the most spectacular Fireworks Display ever seen in the Skegness area delighted crowds at Ingoldmells on Saturday night.
The display, accompanied by rousing music, was held to mark the new season at 'The Market' at Fantasy Island under new owners Conduit Leisure.

The fireworks were let off over the Fantasy Island Pyramid to a large crowd which had gathered in Sea Lane.

The half hour show was put on by 'Star Fireworks' who produced the display for TV's 'Big Brother' programme.

Many of those in the crowd had obviously come to watch the fireworks. But probably at least an equal draw was a Guest Appearance by singer Ray Quinn of TV's X-Factor fame.

The singer, whose Album has reached number one spot in the charts, charmed people by signing autographs and having his photograph taken with them".

The key highlight of the display was that the fireworks weren't launched from a single location. They were launched from many areas of the park, including most impressively the top of the Odyssey coaster's lift hill! Other fireworks were launched from both car parks and the market. The park also hired rotating spot lights that projected four beams thousands of feet upwards into the night sky.

With the BIG weekend planned in August and September this looks like only a taste of things to come.

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