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Millennium & Odyssey Reopen for 2007
Posted By Barry on Wednesday 11th April 2007 @ 1:15 PM | Filed Under: General Park News

Millennium & Odyssey Reopen for 2007

Both Millennium and Odyssey were open during the Easter weekend and being put through their paces. Both trains were reinstalled last week after the long winter, after a series of dry runs both coasters were ready for the busy weekend. No downtime was experienced and both remained open to the public throughout the weekend.

Although the park has been open for a few weeks already without these coasters running this is still a big improvement in comparison with 2006. Only Millennium Coaster ran last Easter, Odyssey did not reopen for the season until late May! This is an indication that the problems with the ride have finally been ironed out. The ride also managed to run in very high winds on Easter Sunday, something it has always been incapable of.

The same cannot be said for Absolutely Insane however, which curiously looks exactly the same as it did during the winter. Even more curious - the carriage wasn't removed for the off season as it has been in all previous years. Volcanic Impact followed suit and also failed to open. Both of these rides are expected to open before May.

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