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G-Force - Lost & Found
Posted By Barry on Monday 21st May 2007 @ 6:30 PM | Filed Under: Retired Rides

G-Force - Lost & Found

The world's largest Fabbri Booster ride - G-Force opened in 2002 alongside Jubilee Odyssey standing at a whopping 164ft in height. The ride was removed in 2004 due technical difficulties, complaints from the locals, popularity issues, running costs and so many more issues.

The ride was exchanged with Mondial for the Eye on the Coast Ferris Wheel, which also broke records...which also followed the same fate. It was removed in 2006 for many of the same reasons as G-Force. Recent photos from Mondial testing grounds in Holland show that G-Force is currently setup and operating at this location.

The ride can be seen at its new location below:

G-Force at its New Location G-Force at its New Location

Mondial manufacture both Beast and Amazing Confusion, however, have no link to G-Force which was manufactured by Italian manufacturer Fabbri.

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