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Fantasy Island SOLD!
Posted By Barry on Friday 23rd February 2007 @ 11:32 PM | Filed Under: Ownership

Fantasy Island SOLD!

Its true! Fantasy Island has been sold, and is under new management leaving the days of Blue Anchor Leisure behind. It has been mentioned (but not confirmed) that the new owners are a team of investment bankers, possibly based in the US since investors from America are backing the casino and the Absolutely Insane ride in 2004. Rumours have also generated that the park has been purchased by Ranks who own and operate Butlins.

The new management are already in discussions with the local council to expand and improve Fantasy Island and the surrounding area. The chief executive of East Lindsey District Council, Nigel Howells, said "they have major plans to improve and upgrade fantasy island and attract even more visitors". The exact nature of these plans has yet to be revealed, however, the new management have several hundreds of millions of pounds to put into the park and the area surrounding. Itís been said that many changes are to be made to the park in time for summer 2007, continuing with the maintenance that has begun to take place.

So what do we at Island Quest hope will come out of this? Well adjustments to the pay per ride system for one, maybe at last we will see wristbands at the park. Obviously less ride downtime would be welcomed with open arms. To theme up Odyssey and other rides to the standards of Fantasea Flume and the interior of the Pyramid, Iím sure youíll agree would also be great to see.

Click here to discuss this with other members at the forums.

Visit the BBC for more information.

Casino Gets Go Ahead On Lincolnshire Coast
Posted By Barry on Friday 23rd February 2007 @ 11:23 PM | Filed Under: Future Development

Casino Gets Go Ahead On Lincolnshire Coast

Lincolnshire has won the bid for a new casino to be built along its coast costing around 15 million pounds. This is the initial step towards the development of this new attraction for the area, however, including Fantasy Island there are still three key locations along the Lincolnshire coast in the running to get this money spinner. However a spokesperson for the local council hinted that Fantasy Island is the chosen location for this casino by mentioning that it will located between Skegness and Mablethorpe.

It wonít be long until we get a final verdict as to the chosen location of the new casino whether it be Fantasy Island or elsewhere. Watch this space...

New Station For Rhombus Rocket
Posted By Barry on Sunday 18th February 2007 @ 11:23 PM | Filed Under: Rhombus Rocket

New Station For Rhombus Rocket

As part of the winter maintenance a huge amount of work has been done to the Rhombus Rocket station. You may remember before Christmas that a new floor was added, however Fantasy Island have took this another step forward and redubbed the entire station area. This includes the addition of a control booth area, along with brightly coloured fencing to surround the station and also a full repaint. The train has also had some work with every last wheel now brand spanking new

This is not the first time that the park have gone all out for Rhombus, their first roller coaster. In 2004 the ride was equipped with an entirely new support structure and given a full repaint from dark brown to a shade of purple. The actual seats and surrounding framework has also only recently been replaced.

The ride which is still very popular today is now beginning to be prepped for the 2007 season with the train now being placed back on track.

Iím sure you will agree that even though this is a small touch itís great to see the park is still cared for.

New For 2007...
Posted By Barry on Sunday 18th February 2007 @ 11:30 PM | Filed Under: Future Development

New For 2007...

You may recall a few months back we reported that the park had begun digging in and around the area next to both Beast and Volcanic Impact. Several small foundation holes appeared as a result of this. We can now reveal that this was in preparation for a mighty new attraction...a fence!

The fence in question surrounds the now relocated Safari Train ride which was previously situated amongst the market stalls just beside the Grand Prix Go Kart track. The Safari Train is now located in the space to side of Beast, near Rhombus Rocket and Fantasea Flume. This area was once home to the infamous Pony Express ride, and beforehand the well known Strawberry Fun Coaster. Last season this was made into a temporary picnic area which included greenery and several benches.

The relocation of Safari Train is still in progress, and it is as yet unclear whether or not Fantasy Island will relocate the rides scenery, station and plantations also.

A Touch of Colour For the Eastgate Market
Posted By Barry on Sunday 18th February 2007 @ 10:42 PM | Filed Under: The Market

A Touch of Colour For the Eastgate Market

Not only have the rides been blessed this season but the market has also been given a spruce up. Allot of work as been going on at the Eastgate Market this off season - many new permanent stall complexes have appeared replacing the less than pleasant temporary canvas tent based stalls. Along with this the market has been giving a splash of colour and life with a new colour scheme to the entire market. with all stalls painted using a new brighter colour scheme, this ranges from colours of light blue to orange. This adds a more traditional look to what is the largest market in Europe.

The indoor area of the market continues to open 7 days a week as it has been for all previous winter months. Other areas of the market have now begun to reopen. The market officially reopens on March the 3rd for the 2007 season.

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