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More Winter News
Posted By Barry on Sunday 18th February 2007 @ 10:23 PM | Filed Under: Winter News

More Winter News

Surprisingly Fantasy Island have actually put some investment into maintaining their current attractions this season. The Fantasea Flume ride in its entirety has received a repaint. This repaint includes both the Log Flume channels and also the station. Amazing Confusion is in the process of getting a full clean down and possible repairs. As will be mentioned in other articles; Rhombus Rocket has received a new station and the market has been given a touch of colour.

The Absolutely Insane carriage still has not been removed for the winter, and looks set to stay put. Beast is now also intact and rebuilt for the new season, with Techno Jump well underway! No signs of the Millennium or Odyssey trains on track just yet, with the Odyssey train still in pieces inside the Pyramid and warehouse...

Planet Fun Update
Posted By Barry on Sunday 18th February 2007 @ 10:01 PM | Filed Under: Nearby Attractions

Planet Fun Update

Much headway has been made on the new extension to the existing Planet Fun amusement complex. The extension which doubles the size of the existing complex is now nearing completion, and should be open during the early months of Fantasy Islands 2007 season. The extension is based within the car park operating at the rear of Planet Fun, this being a two story extension, with the 2nd story likely to expand upon existing cafe facilities.

When we last mentioned this extension only initial steel framework existed. As you can see things have come along way since - with the roof and sides now in place.

Planet Fun is currently open weekends until the 2007 season begins.

Hail and Ride Bus Service To Cease
Posted By Barry on Wednesday 14th February 2007 @ 5:00 PM | Filed Under: Misc

Hail and Ride Bus Service To Cease

The "Hail and Ride" bus service which ran from Skegness to Ingoldmells every 10 minutes took its last ride today (14th Feb). The service which has run for 20 years will sadly cease to operate from this point onwards. The family who ran and operated the Hail and Ride accepted an offer from competitor Stagecoach just before Christmas.

Stagecoach do however, plan to replace the Hail and Ride service with several of their own covering the same route.

Visit Skegness Today for the full article. Update
Posted By Barry on Thursday 25th January 2007 @ 6:07 PM | Filed Under: IQ News Update

It's been a while since there has been any mention of how the site is coming along, time for an update! Although its only just started beginning to show online, site development is drawing to an end. We have now officially completed all content for the site including photos, video footage, desktop wallpapers and of course all text content. Itís now *just* a matter of getting the thing online which is going to involve allot of work on our code developer James.

To give you an idea what we have been working on for all this time: in terms of media we've got multi angle video footage of most rides and a gallery of hundreds of photos. Downloads are a plenty including installable programs, desktop wallpapers and add on packs for your favourite theme park games and simulators. In terms of sections, we will be adding a bible of handy trip tips and Fantasy Island LIVE updates. Interactive dedicated pages for each and every ride will be available as well as annual year books to take a look back at seasons long since passed.

If youíre a fan of our regular news service you will be pleased to hear that we will soon have a full archive of news online dating back as far as 2002. Island Quest won't just also focus entirely on Fantasy Island we will be adding sections for Botton's, Butlins and other nearby attractions.

So when will this all be online? I've learnt through time to never set launch or deadline dates as they are rarely ever met ... To that note I could be cruel and say 'it will be done when its done' however, as a rough estimate I'd say March *could* be the finish line. Stayed tuned, its going to be worth the wait!

Steel Coaster Poll 2006
Posted By Barry on Wednesday 24th January 2007 @ 7:21 PM | Filed Under: Misc

Steel Coaster Poll 2006

The results for the annual Mitch Hawker Steel Coaster Poll are now in. Last year Odyssey ranked at 310th out of coasters worldwide. This year it managed to come out as the 130th best steel coaster worldwide, a fantastic improvement! Odyssey ranked higher than many other UK coasters such as Velocity, Pepsi Max Big One and G-Force.

Millennium Coaster did considerably well to get an honourable 192nd place, again beating Pepsi Max.

The ride that came out on top was Superman Ride of Steel at Six Flags New England. Not surprisingly Nemesis at Alton Towers managed to rank high in 3rd place.

Click here to view the entire results from this year's poll.

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