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Off Season Update
Posted By Aly on Saturday 17th January 2009 @ 3:21 PM | Filed Under: General Park News

Off Season Update

It's a good few months into the park's off season, so it's time for a bit of an update! The off season is a time when the park is gearing itself up for the year ahead with rides usually in bits for severe maintenance and the park usually receiving a lick of paint to freshen up its image.

Unfortunately there are no new major attractions planned for the 2009 season. The only new addition to the park which have been confirmed for this year is the planned crazy golf attraction, reported during the second half of the 2008 season. The attraction would be situated under the shadow of the fearsome Jubilee Odyssey! It has been reported that no work has started yet on this new development.

Other Park News
It's been reported here at Island Quest that half of the Bingo at Fantasy Island has been ripped out ready for redvelopment for the coming season. Island Quest member Leon visisted the park recently, however work seems to have ground to a halt!

We should hopefully have more information and pictures soon...

Thanks to IQ forum member Leon for the info.

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Happy New Year!
Posted By Aly on Thursday 1st January 2009 @ 12:00 AM | Filed Under: IQ News

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, and all the best for 2009 form the entire team here at Island Quest!

2008 has been an incredible year for us all here at Island Quest and we certainly know that 2009 can only get even better!

All The Beast for 2009!

Merry Christmas 2008
Posted By Aly on Wednesday 24th December 2008 @ 2:19 PM | Filed Under: IQ News

Merry Christmas 2008

Merry Christmas.

What a year it's been for both Island Quest and Fantasy Island!

Although we have seen no new major attractions added to the park this year I would go as far as saying that this has been the most important year for the park yet.

The year kicked off with the Fantasy Island Caravan park being stripped of the very assets which make it a caravan park! Along with some illegal digging in the car park! What about the Theme Park though? Well not much has happened really?

McDonalds closed, and Absolutely Insane suffered more downtime than a submarine.

Yet I still claim that this is the most important year for the park? Yes I do.

This year we've seen the new owners slowly start to dip their feet into the water. We've seen the introduction of Jubilee Tokens priced at 3 and we've also seen other special offers across the park. We are also beginning to learn more through the grapevine for the desire for their latest investment within Ingoldmells to be turned into a Family Resort.

The only planning applications appear to be for expansion of the Eastgate market site. However, the ideas are there, the financial backing is there as well as the determination and drive to improve the park and it's ride selection.

For the first time, the park also held a public consultation where members of the Ingoldmells community were invited on-site to learn about the future of the development, which for many over looks their back garden.

The park also stayed open longer than normal towards the end of the season, signalling and hinting towards a 365 day season.

What's in store for 2009? We simply do not know. Wristbands seem high on the agenda at the park which can only be a good thing.

Hopefully we'll start to see some sort of long term development plan put in place for the park, as without it, it doesn't have a future.

Forum Registration
Posted By Aly on Thursday 4th December 2008 @ 3:20 PM | Filed Under: IQ News

Forum Registration

Our technical support team have now fixed the forum registration error. Users can now register to become part of the only forum on the internet dedicated to Fantasy Island!

For the last few months users have had to register for our forums manually via e-mail.

Now users can register for our forums using the registration form provided. Once their account has been approved the Island Quest forums is at their finger tips! Everything from new park developments or along the coast to the seaside town of Skegness or even the latest about the credit crunch! It's all happening on the Island Quest Forums!

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Forum Technical Issues
Posted By Aly on Wednesday 23rd April 2008 @ 2:53 PM | Filed Under: IQ News

Forum Technical Issues

Our Technical Support Team are currently aware of a technical error during the registration process for new uers to Island Quest. Please be assured that we are working hard to fix this problem as soon as possible.

We would like to thank all visitors for their patience whilst we work with our technical support team to have this resolved as soon as possible. In the meantime if you have any questions, or would like us to create your account manually please e-mail

Existing members are able to log-on and use the forums as normal.

Once again, I would like to thank everyone for their co-operation. Please be assured that this error will be fixed as soon as possible, and that by e-mail myself your account can still be created manually.

Kind Regards,

Aly McInulty
Forum Manager

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