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Pleasuredome Dates for 2014
Posted By Chris on Saturday 4th January 2014 @ 3:17 PM | Filed Under: Events

Pleasuredome Dates for 2014

The Pleasuredome is returning to Fantasy Island in 2014 with their successful music event. Promising an eclectic mix of hardcore, oldskool, hardhouse and drum & bass, the event is scheduled to take place on the 16th, 17th and 18th May 2014. The event has been held annually over the last few years, attracting thousands of people to the area, but this is the first time that it is due to span over an entire weekend. Local residents have criticised previous events due to anticipated noise concerns. Tickets are available to purchase from The Ticket Sellers, with more information available on their Facebook Page.

Article last updated: 2/2/2014

New Social Media Rewards Scheme
Posted By Chris on Sunday 4th August 2013 @ 11:29 AM | Filed Under: General Park News

New Social Media Rewards Scheme

Fantasy Island has launched a new platform that will reward guests for interacting with the park’s online presence. The brand recently launched on FanFueled; a website which allows users to gain points for a range of social actions. Actions include liking the official Fantasy Island page on Facebook, responding to surveys and sharing photos of the park. Points can be used to ‘win exclusive Fantasy Island prizes and experiences’. Prizes currently include meet and greet sessions with the stars of The Only Way is Essex, ride wristbands and dinner at Domino’s Pizza with the promise for more prizes in the future.

Summer Competition Winner Announced
Posted By Chris on Wednesday 24th July 2013 @ 5:28 PM | Filed Under: IQ News

Summer Competition Winner Announced

Recently, we ran a competition for a chance to win four wristbands for Fantasy Island.

The response was fantastic, with a diverse range of entries telling us about their favourite ride at the park. We carefully shortlisted our favourite answers before selecting the winner at random.

We would like to congratulate Dan Boot for winning the four wristbands (kindly supplied by Fantasy Island) and hope he enjoys his time at the park.

Dan’s entry:

‘My favourite ride is Volcanic Eruption as it has been in the park since 1998 and it was the best when it first opened as you could buy edible lava and when it was ready to launch you up there was a script which on the last line said "It’s gonna blow!" and then smoke was made and it shot you out of the Volcano base, even now it still packs a punch and still dominates the Skyline.’

Innovative Marketing to Expand Recognition
Posted By Chris on Wednesday 26th June 2013 @ 2:30 PM | Filed Under: General Park News

Innovative Marketing to Expand Recognition

Fantasy Island has appointed Mark Gunner Associates (MGA) to develop the amusement park’s marketing strategy, with the intention to engage further with park visitors. MGA plans to implement a marketing platform known as liveTAP™. This is an innovative marketing platform that will use RFID technology to promote Fantasy Island as a ‘fun, entertaining and affordable destination for the whole family’.

liveTAP™ is intended to identify, track and reward activity at the resort. Exclusive rewards are planned to incentivise guests to use social media platforms to share their favourite aspects of the park. Laurence Davis, CEO of Conduit Leisure, has said in a statement that the company are keen to ‘expand recognition of the resort’ with the goal to ‘cultivate a new level of customer experience and consumer awareness for the company.’ This project will build upon existing marketing techniques and bridge the gap between traditional and online marketing. New campaigns are planned to start in July 2013.

Read more on the MGA website.

Odyssey Opens for First Time in 2013
Posted By Chris on Sunday 2nd June 2013 @ 1:14 PM | Filed Under: Jubilee Odyssey

Odyssey Opens for First Time in 2013

Odyssey, at Fantasy Island, has now opened to guests for the first time this season.

Problems with Odyssey became clear when the train wasn’t returned to the track in the weeks leading up to the beginning of the season. Despite this, most of the other rides at the park opened on 16th March. Sources at the park confirmed that they were waiting for a replacement part from Odyssey’s manufacturer, Vekoma, before they could reassemble the train.

The train was eventually put back together in late May, but more problems with the brakes and seat restraint sensors were identified during the rigorous testing procedure. As soon as these problems were resolved, Leisure Technical Consultants were called in to approve the safety of the ride.

The ride opened to guests just after lunchtime on Sunday 2nd June and will remain open daily* until the end of the season. For the latest information about ride availability, check the Fantasy Island Facebook Page for daily announcements.

* - Odyssey will open subject to the park’s operating calendar and strict wind restrictions. During off peak periods, operation of Odyssey may be rotated on an hourly basis with Millennium Roller Coaster.

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