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Rain and Floods Cause Traders Problems
Posted By Chris on Thursday 2nd August 2007 @ 11:17 PM | Filed Under: Misc

Rain and Floods Cause Traders Problems

Recent bad weather and flooding have had a big impact on businesses in the area. The number of tourists is significantly lower than it would normally be during wha should be the busiest period of the year. John Sewell, who operates the land train, has noticed that those braving the weather and visiting the area aren’t spending money; “some businesses are down by thousands. I don't know what will happen by the end of the season.”

John Nutall (Nutall’s Donkeys) commented that their "donkeys have been in the field more than on the beach.” This has resulted in the donkeys becoming fatter and fewer have been in service than usual; some of which haven't been out at all. “I think 99 per cent of traders will be asking East Lindsey District Council for an extension on paying their second half rent." Chris Epton (Epton’s Donkeys) added that "it does not matter how nice September is, the kids will be back at school."

Making matters worse, the majority of tourists to the area live in and around Sheffield, Hull and Leeds; each being severely affected by the recent floods. This has meant that those living there can’t afford to go on holiday whilst they recover from damage that’s been caused to their homes.

Predictions of higher pressure should see the weather conditions return to normal over the next month. Rainfall should also fall below the seasonal average, the first time in many weeks. This should allow the traders to recuperate as the better weather should attract more tourists to the area.

Flood picture via Flickr user ditzy_brunette2004


Fantasy Mouse Page Online
Posted By Chris on Thursday 2nd August 2007 @ 1:09 PM | Filed Under: IQ News

Fantasy Mouse Page Online

Fantasy Mouse ride page is now online. The page feature facts and figures on the popular family ride as well as a selection of high quality photos.

Fantasy Mouse

Look out for more ride pages appearing on-line very soon...

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Skegness Lights Up
Posted By Chris on Thursday 2nd August 2007 @ 12:56 AM | Filed Under: Nearby Attractions

Skegness Lights Up

The streets of Skegness were set alight as the annual illuminations were switched on by all round entertainer, Shane Richie, on Saturday 28th July. The “enchanting display of light” will fill the streets between now and October. The display ranges across the north end of the Promenade, Clock Tower, Compass Gardens, Tower Esplande and the Boating Lake.

East Lindsay Council organised the event which featured free musical entertainment at the Clock Tower from 1930 onwards. A parade then made its way down Grande Parade comprising a number of entertainers from in and around the local area including the North East Lincolnshire Pipe Band, Redcoats and characters from Butlins, the Butlins Road Train and the Skegness Carnival Queen; Carnival Princess, Rosebud Princess and the Jolly Fisherman (resort mascot).

Shane Richie, most famous for his award winning role as Alfie Moon in Eastenders, flicked the switch at 2145 on Saturday evening. As the streets were illuminated, the crowd were left to watch as fireworks graced the sky above. Coronation Street actors, Antony Cotton, Bruce Jones and Sam Aston have switched the lights on in Skegness in previous years.

In related news, Mabelthorpe’s illuminations and The Star of the East were switched on by Coronation Street Actress and Soapstar Superstar contestant, Tupele Dorgu. Addressing the crowd, Tupele said; "I'd never heard of Mablethorpe until now but from what I have seen there is a real sense of community here. The children I've met are fantastic and I am amazed at the amount of people who turned out tonight." As the star admired the beach from the platform, Tupele said "I don't live anywhere near a beach – you are all very lucky."

Official Park Merchandise
Posted By Chris on Saturday 28th July 2007 @ 12:32 AM | Filed Under: Ownership

Official Park Merchandise

Fantasy Island has teamed up with Photo Genius to offer official park merchandise. Robbie Rainer; the “multi-talented kingpin of the entertainments team” and the Fantasy Island dancers (Emma, Natalie and Kayleigh) have been immortalised into a range of products. The park logo and website domain are featured on each of the designs. Mousemats (£7.99), coasters (£2.50), mugs (£8.99) and t-shirts (£7.99 – sizes ranging from 1-2yrs up to XL) are available via the Photo Genius website.

Photo Genius is a specialist imaging company based near the park in Skegness. The company offer customers the ability to personalise their gifts with their own images or select from pre-defined designs like that of the Fantasy Island merchandise. Products can be purchased via a downloadable mail order form or online using a Pay Pal order form. Trading locations for Photo Genius are outside Scallywags showbar in the park, Skegness Pier (March-October 2007) and Freshney Place Shopping Centre in Grimsby (November 18th – December 24th 2007).

It’s unclear whether the park aims to design and retail merchandising or souvenirs for other rides and attractions. It is remembered that Volcanic Impact had “edible lava” and on ride pictures around the launch period of the ride back in 1998. Similarly, Millennium Rollercoaster used to have on ride pictures. If the sales of the currently available merchandise proves to be successful, the new owners may consider developing more park merchandise for future seasons.

Contact: Photo Genius

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Local BB Gun shootings
Posted By Chris on Thursday 26th July 2007 @ 9:41 PM | Filed Under: Misc

Local BB Gun shootings

Disorderly behaviour in the Ingoldmells and Skegness area has increased recently as BB gun crimes become more prevalent. The shootings have been occurring throughout Skegness and Ingoldmells, resulting in victims being left shocked but largely uninjured. Police have made clear that armed police will handle incidents of this nature.

Fixed penalty tickets have been issued to two men, who had been shooting at pedestrians on Tuesday July, 17th. Several pedestrians were hit, but none injured, by the pellets as the silver, Hyundai Coupe travelled between Sea Lane, Ingoldmells and Lumley Road, Skegness. Police traced the vehicle and arrested the two men involved. The 22 year old from Skegness and 27 year old from Scarborough were released but the BB guns used in the incident were seized by the Police.

Similar events have also occurred such as on Sunday, July 1st, when an eight year old was shot on Everingtons Lane, Skegness. A man with black spiky hair is reported to have pulled alongside the boy as he was cycling before firing at him. The boy wasn’t severely hurt from the incident but was left shocked and bruised.

BB guns are available in the Fantasy Island market and other retail outlets around the area. Whilst not illegal to purchase or carry, they should be used responsibly and not fired at other people. Police are keen to remind the public that armed Police will attend when dealing with such incidents. The Anti-social Behaviour Act (2003) states that “it is an arrestable offence to carry an imitation firearm in a public place without permission, whether or not it is capable of discharging a shot or a bullet. Carrying an air weapon in public, loaded or not, is also an offence. The maximum penalty is six months imprisonment."

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