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Fantasy Island Trip Tips

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Is it that every time you go to Fantasy Island Odyssey and other rides are down, or do you end up spending far beyond your cash limit? Introducing the one and only bible of tips to make your day at Fantasy Island one to remember. Beat the downtime, eat right and spend less but have more thrills and spills, read on if you want to know just how to fine tune your day to perfection.

How to Beat High Winds

Due to variations in weather Fantasy Island are required to close certain rides under extreme conditions. The way to beat this is to stick to the rule of simply not visiting in any winds, pick a mild day that at most only has a slight breeze. Jubilee Odyssey will close in winds of around 12mph. However, Millennium Coaster will open in much higher winds going up to around 20mph, other rides such as Volcanic Impact and Fantasy Mouse will also close in excessive high winds.

Use the BBC weather 5 day service and select a day which has a predicted wind speed of under 12mph to ensure that no attractions are affected.

Call Park Line

If you're visiting the park to experience a particular attraction(s) be sure to make that call to the park line to check its status before visiting. Its best to phone on the day you’re going to make the trip, call after 9am to get a good idea whether or not certain rides will be running.

To avoid any disappointment please call 01754 615860* for the most recent information on ride closures.

Use Fantasy Island LIVE

We endeavour to bring you the latest information regarding ride breakdowns and downtime over the season. Side boxes on the homepage will notify you of any downtime that comes to our attention.

Spend Less Ride More

Wristbands can make a big saving if you plan on riding several rides, as they offer unlimited rides throughout the day. Visit the tourist information boards in either Skegness or Mablethorpe to pick up a pack of discount vouchers to maximize your day at Fantasy Island. Buy one get free (BOGOF) vouchers can also often be found in news papers that are local to the park.

Avoid Auctioneers

The Eastgate market houses an array of auctioneer stands. These auctions are a form of fraud, they work by fooling customers into believing they are getting expensive products for cheap jaw dropping prices. When in fact these products are only being sold as they are either faulty, or are in some cases not sold at all it is simply staged using actors in the audience. Avoid auctioneers, to avoid being scammed.

Don’t Leave Belongings on Platforms

Fantasy Island are yet to provide any storage for the belongings of customers while they are riding. Staff will often instruct you to simply leave your belongings on the ride platforms. This can easily lead into theft, always leave your belongings with a friend or relative who is not riding.

Visit the Market After 4

The market is a busy place during the afternoon and morning, since all stalls will usually stay open until 5pm its best to pay a visit to the Eastgate Market after 4pm. Since rides will often start to close after 4pm you won’t be losing any ride time.

Know Your Directions

We provide a service to ensure no matter how you travel to the park you can easily identify your route and the best method of travel. Check our Directions and Location service for more information.

Park In Surrounding Car Parks

The standard fee for the Fantasy Island car park can reach £4 in peak season. Other car parks surround Fantasy Island and can often cut the cost in half just for a short 5 minute walk.

Pick Your Time For Lunch

It’s not the best idea to head for lunch at between noon and 1pm, queues can often exceed 30 minutes in the main season. The best time to eat is before noon, or wait until after 2pm.

Beware of Off Peak Days

In early and late season, and outside of school holidays due to lack of demand, certain attractions are closed down until the weekends. Since Fantasy Island are required to perform annual maintenance many rides will not operate in the first month of the season. Check the Opening Times page, this will list dates in which only minimal amenities maybe available.

Let Fantasy Island Cater For Your Group

The park are happy to cater for large groups, and will offer certain privileges and discounted costs. For more information call Fantasy Island on 01754 615860.

Choose Your Seats Carefully

Every coaster enthusiast will recommend a seat which they believe offers the best ride. At Island Quest we all agree that the best ride experience on Millennium Coaster is in the front. It is here where you can get a feel for the height of the ride and get a good look at the entire park. However, on Odyssey the best ride is to be had at the very back, its only here that the true velocity of this coaster can be felt, and the only spot on the ride that offers the upmost of g-forces.