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Family Rides

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Rhombus Rocket Rhombus Rocket
A powered coaster introduced in 1995 that is still a big hit with families today.
Toucan Tours Toucan Tours
A magical monorail journey around the history of the magical world of Fantasy Island.
Dragon Mountain Descent Dragon Mountain Descent
Europe’s largest water coaster, themed and built around a towering mountain.
Fantasy Flume Fantasy Flume
You're in for the soaking as you board this classic Log Flume ride.
Techno Jump Techno Jump
Techno Jump rotates riders, whilst the arms ‘Jump’ up and down!
Coconut Twist Coconut Twist
The fun of the fair – combined with the magic of a theme park. A classic Twister.
Wreckers Cove Wreckers Cove
Wreckers Cove - in layman’s terms 25 cars worth of carnage! Classic dodgem fun.
Balloon Ride Balloon Ride
Do you fancy experiencing the relaxing feel and sights of a hot air balloon? Then this ride is for you!
Magical Seaquarium Magical Seaquarium
Magical Seaquarium provides a pleasant water journey around Atlantis style ruins